Before the Battle of Jinan, Wang Yaowu instructed the police chief to set all the political prisoners free

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Wang Yaowu returned to his official residence. It was getting late.The security and confidence of a busy day inspecting impenetrable fortifications is gone.The notion of impregnability vanished.The “PEOPLE’s Liberation Army spy” disdainful look, that creepy, arrogant and proud smile, often come to mind, cannot be erased, cannot be driven away!What makes Wang Yaowu have a headache is that the two words “eliminate Zhang Lingfu’s troops” and “capture Wang Yaowu alive” always echo in his ears.He ate at random and went to bed.Slowly, slowly, Wang Yaowu felt himself like a broken kite, drifting in the wind;As if back to the anti-japanese front, he as seventy-four army commander, is leading the soldiers and the Japanese aggressors fighting;I do not know how many times he has beaten back the Japanese attack, the seventy-fourth Army of his brothers casualties more than half, the remaining is less than a division.The vast open country resounded with the majestic sound of bugles, and he jumped to his feet, raised his arms, and shouted: “Brothers, it’s time to turn back against the Japanese bandits!”Victory! Victory!The 74th Army was awarded the “flying Tiger flag”.The blue satin flag, embroidered with a white flying tiger, was the army’s highest award!Wang Yaowu was awarded the “Blue Sky medal”, this gold medal, is the highest honor for an officer!Jiang long pro-fall pen, the reputation of the 74th Army as “attack army”, promoted Wang Yaowu as the deputy commander-in-chief of the 29th Group Army and commander of the 74th Army.Wang Yaowu turned over, he returned to the anti-japanese front.This is in April 1945, this is the biggest war between the Chinese army and the Japanese in the War of Resistance against Japan: Xuefeng Mountain battle, Wang Yaowu led his 74 army, bitter fighting for more than 20 days, a crushing defeat of the Japanese army, more than 5,000 Japanese casualties, the Japanese bandit corpses full valley, booty piling up mountains.This battle, known as the greatest war in the eight years of the War of Resistance against Aggression, he Yingqin as “the most wonderful war”, but also Wang Yaowu’s military career is extremely glorious a page, people around called “peak”.In a grand ceremony, the seventy-four army was appointed as the first main force, Wang Yaowu also promoted to lieutenant general of the army.Lieutenant General McCrew of the United States on behalf of the American soldiers gave Wang Yaowu a refined pistol.The silver handle of the pistol is engraved with a beautiful line of Chinese characters: “Your Excellency General Wang Yaowu, I deeply respect your excellency General Wang yaowu for his talents and outstanding achievements, and hereby present you with this pistol for personal use as a souvenir.From Lieutenant General McCrew, United States Army, 21 August 1945.”Zhang Lingfu took over the seventy-four Army (later reorganized as seventy-four division), supercilious, but very respectful to Wang Yaowu.Zhang Lingfu several hints, want this gun.Wang Yaowu this gun is not a gift, is to see, also not easy to see, and Wang Yaowu has been with him.I do not know what happened, now Wang Yaowu unexpectedly took the gun in Jinan city.He ordered the soldiers not to retreat and to fight to the death with the PLA.However, he was defeated, defeated like a mountain!He had to apologize before the committee.Moreover, his beloved pistol had somehow reached the hands of the committee, and the committee, too, was crying. How sad!The committee handed the pistol to Wang Yaowu and said: “Zuomin, you are my favorite general, I don’t kill you, you decide!”Wang Yaowu took the pistol, without hesitation to his temple, pulled the trigger…”Ah!”Wang Yaowu cried and woke up!It was a dream, a long dream.An ominous dream, wang Yaowu made uneasy.The next day, he put on his casual clothes and dark glasses and, surrounded by guards walking around, far and near, went to the Grand View Garden. He stopped under the cover of a white cloth with a “iron mouth” hanging over it, to ask the fortune-teller to take his fortune.Zhang Tiezui, more than 50 years old, has been doing fortune-telling since childhood and has been eating with his mouth in rivers and lakes for decades.He looked at Wang Yaowu, and though he did not know who he was, he knew he was no ordinary person.After saying the perpetual calendar again, he said to Wang Yaowu: “Sir, you came here today to ask for a lucky day and to choose a date for your childe’s marriage?Or fortune-telling?Not my zhang mou hubbub, as long as you treat each other honestly, I also tell the truth.You know what? I don’t get paid for my luck.But then again, don’t be angry if I touch you on something you don’t like!””Where were you? I came to you to trust you, didn’t I?””Well, Sir, don’t speak.”Zhang Tiezui carefully looked at Wang Yaowu’s face and said: “Ah, good luck.Official, official prosperity;Go into business and make money.But, uh, you’re loose, you’re generous, you’re giving.So, though you are very rich, you are not very rich.””Mr. Zhang has put in a good word.However, I have a high official and a lot of money. Mr. Zhang was right.”Zhang Tiezui carefully looked at Wang Yaowu’s face, lowered his voice and said, “Sir…”He drew out his voice, began to speak, and paused.”Mr. Zhang can speak freely.””Something seems to be bothering you lately, Sir.””Yes, can you speak my mind?””Please take one.”When Wang Yaowu drew lots, Zhang Tiezui took the stick, fixed his eyes on it, muttered to himself for a while, and looked surprised: “Ah!Your business, Sir, is very serious. You have something to pass within the month.”When Wang Yaowu heard this, he was surprised. Yes, he had a close in front of him.Then he said, “To tell you the truth, Mr. Zhang, I have often dreamed about it.””Can you tell me what it is?””Many dreams, just one.In my dream, I walked into a wild valley, and then into a courtyard. The courtyard was surrounded by high walls, and there stood a big tree. As SOON as I entered, the tree cried out, “I am dying, I am dying!Mr. Zhang, what do you think this dream is a sign of?”As the war in Jinan intensified, many officers came to Zhang Tiezui for divination in recent days.He had long seen that Wang Yaowu was an important officer in the military circles, and that he himself had said that he had a high position and a lot of money, so there was no doubt that he was a senior official.Tree is wood, wood in the courtyard frame, is a trapped word ah!”A sleepy word, Wang Yaowu was surprised, scared out of a cold sweat.Yes, my 110,000 people were besieged in the city of Jinan by the PLA.He quickly wiped the sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief to hide his embarrassment.He could not escape the eyes of his iron mouth. He could not help but feel glad to know that today’s fortuna would provide him with food and clothing for half a year.He knew, to the end of the time, a change of words: “Mr. Your do not forget to land on your feet, if you are in charge of a heaven and earth, I advise you tolerance li people;If you are in control of the military, I advise you to spare as many soldiers as you can. Even if it is the enemy’s soldiers, they are born of their parents and raised by their parents. If you can only kill one soldier, do not kill two.In case of emergency, there are thirty-six ways to go…”To Wang Yaowu’s ears, every word was for him. He gratefully took out a handful of money from his pocket, put it in zhang’s hands, and turned away.As soon as Wang Yaowu returned home, he received a telegram from Liu Zhi of Xuzhou saying: “Due to various difficulties, we cannot continue airlift to Jinan.Wang Yaowu was furious and decided to go to Nanjing to complain directly to the old man.He went for days, only to gain Chiang kai-shek’s verbal promise that, in the event of an emergency for Jinan, he would personally supervise the movement north to attack the PLA.Wang Yaowu wanted to stay at home in Nanjing for a few more days, but he could not rest assured and hurried back to Jinan.He took his black bullet-proof sleeping car from the airport (after the car was captured by huano siege forces sent to Su Yu, millet and in the name of all the soldiers sent to the central, so once used by Chairman MAO), back to the headquarters building.Wang Yaowu was about to step upstairs, suddenly, a young commander in uniform, blocking the way.The young man shouted, “Commander Wang!”The guards were terrified, but Wang Yaowu was worthy of the battle veteran, calmly, calmly recognized that this is to follow his years of lieutenant colonel, two weeks ago specially let him go home to visit relatives.Although he was bookish, he was conscientious, worked hard and stayed out of trouble, so he rose from lieutenant to lieutenant colonel in a few years.Wang Yaowu took him to his office and motioned him to sit down.But the colonel did not sit down. He stood erect.Wang yaowu asked: “You are so excited, what on earth?”Struggling to control himself, his voice still shaking, the young colonel said: “I was picked up by the commander, and the battle was just around the corner, and the commander gave me permission to go home and see my family once.Commander Wang, the outside world, people are turning to the Chinese communist party, they are blaming the KMT.All my friends and relatives know that I am a loyal subordinate of the King, and they want me to come back and present myself to the king.””What is it?””Commander Wang, Ji ‘nan war situation is on the verge of breaking out, as long as we meet, and I do not know how many people died, I, I want to advise commander Wang quit!””What?”Wang Yaowu was shocked to look again at the young man standing in front of him, wearing gold-rimmed myopia glasses, and the lieutenant colonel had written a good letter of blood to Wang Yaowu.Admiral Wang, Jun jian!For several years, to save the country in danger, save the people in distress for my purpose, but from the beginning of the civil war to today, the national army defeated more than less, the loss of division, broken brigade, up to 100,000 people a month.In every battle there will be new graves for the dead.The sound of guns, thousands of villages million fall to do a memorial incense.Merchants are not prosperous, grain is not abundant, complaints.All this was born of war.Think of it, indeed, contrary to my wishes.Now, although the city of Jinan has one hundred thousand nations, but it is difficult to resist the fierce offensive of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, such as its city broken dead, it is better to leave one hundred thousand sentient beings, now the nations only peace talks with the People’s Liberation Army, there is no other way.And at present can relieve the city of danger, only one commander.I look forward to commander to observe a painstakingly, accept my bitter admonition!Wang Yaowu held his breath and restrained himself, trying to finish reading the letter of surrender.His hand trembled, his heart trembled, and his look was unusually cold.In the frozen air, Wang Yaowu kept silent. He tore the letter of surrender and tore it to pieces. Then he threw it on the carpet and turned his back.Young lieutenant-colonel stare big eyes, looking at all this, dejectedly hung his head, slowly out of wang Yaowu’s office in despair.Wang Yaowu shouted to the window, “I, Wang Yaowu, will never be a traitor to the party and the state!”At the same time, Wang Yaowu heard a desperate cry outside: “Commander Wang!””Followed by a bang.He rushed out and saw the young colonel lying on his back on the lawn, blood gushing from his right temple.Wang Yaowu’s mind was blank and he sat in a daze. He didn’t even have lunch. He also sat in the office alone for the whole afternoon and seldom spoke.In his mind, the image of gaping iron mouth and young lieutenant-colonel appeared repeatedly.In the evening, the head of the Jinan Special Criminal Court and the jinan police chief came to ask for instructions on the shooting of more than 200 CPC members in the military prison of the Youth Corps.Wang Yaowu thought over and over again, and scrawled out the word “secret cut”, which had already been approved, and then wrote “let all go”.After finishing, he did not put down his pen immediately. He still pondered for a long time. Then he wrote, “If you do not stay in the city, send them to Jinan immediately.”The police chief was surprised to see this instruction and thought, “What’s wrong with officer Wang today?””Commander Wang,” he asked, “Generalissimo Chiang told the CCP…”Wang Yaowu said meaningfully: “Why do things absolutely, let go!I say again, let go!”The police chief refused to leave, Wang Yaowu shouted: “let go!”Unconsciously he touched the silver – handled pistol at his belt.Rarely in his life had he been so angry that the chief of police was frightened and hurried away.After the police chief left, Wang Yaowu took the desk calendar and wrote the name of the young lieutenant colonel on the page of September 15, and drew two thick horizontal lines under his name.He has ordered a lavish burial, and to-morrow morning he will attend it himself.When the adjutant brought him a cup of hot coffee and some refreshments, he sipped at the coffee and seemed to be calmer. After eating some refreshments, he felt tired…Two days later, on the morning of September 16, Wang Yaowu held a small meeting on the matter of organizing a competent army to supervise the battle.After lunch, he promised to send a generous gift to each of the officers above the major general, and asked each unit to add a few dishes.”No wine,” he said, “on the brink of war.”Nevertheless, he led his entourage in sipping glasses at headquarters and admiring the moon together until about 10:20 p.m.He guessed that there would be no fighting tonight, but he had asked his adjutant to call the troops, one to congratulate them on their holiday, and the other to remind them to strengthen their defense.In the meantime, he instructed his attendants to sleep more alert, and then sauntered home.On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon and stars were thin and the breeze was blowing, and Wang Yaowu felt cool.He remembered how happy he had been with his family in Nanjing last year, and how lonely he felt today, as if a world had changed.Yes ah, bleak autumn wind is again today, but this day is to change!