The dream of ice and snow is burning together

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Stadium in Beijing last night.This is the performance photography before the opening ceremony/Our reporter Hu Jinxi is looking forward to 8 o ‘clock last night, in front of the countdown board of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Wangfujing Pedestrian Street,Photo/Our reporter Cui Jun Photo taken near the National Stadium/Xinhua Opening Ceremony parade model photo/Xinhua salutes the peoplePhoto by Hu Jinxi Photo by Cui Jun Snowflakes are the “snowflakes” part of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter OlympicsThe ice and snow event, which takes place every four years, has finally arrived in China for the first time, and it is up to everyone to reach the goal of 300 million people on ice and snow.In the years since the games were awarded in 2015, there have been more teenagers on skates and more toddlers picking up skis.All 1.4 billion Chinese people have been waiting for this dream for years, and this time in Beijing, we finally have the chance to make that dream come true.China and affinity of ice and snow sports in fact early, maybe a lot of people don’t know, more than half a century ago there is ice hockey team in Beijing, and a lot of the ’50 s and’ 60 s was born americans might not play football, but is likely to master this skill, the weekend and family take a walk on the ice is the era of them a good way to relax, although until the 1980 s,China is only participating in the Winter Olympics for the first time, but that doesn’t stop the fact that ice sports have a certain mass base at home.It is because of these foundations that the dream of co-burning ice and snow has come true.Parents take their children to the ice rink, and brothers take their friends to the snow rink for a cool trip. Isn’t this the most basic but the most important manifestation of ice and snow dream?Of course, not all people participate in ice and snow sports. All walks of life express their vision for the Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports in their own ways.The health workers who toil on the front lines of the epidemic to build a safe perimeter, and the bus drivers who work around the clock to keep the roads open, are all seemingly unrelated people and events that contribute to this great event.And the opening ceremony “salute the people” of this link, is deeply moving.Behind 300 pictures are 300 unforgettable stories, they are contributing to their own strength, is so ordinary and great.Needless to say, those who took part in the opening ceremony were already in ecstasies, realizing their own ice dreams, and those who couldn’t make it to the games supported the Games in their own ways.Buy a simple and charming mascot Bing Dwen Dwen, take a picture in front of the countdown card to leave a beautiful moment, this moment is enough to remember for life.On the fourth day of 2022, the national dream of ice and snow begins its new journey.Article/Our reporter Zhang Kunlong