Spring irrigation in our city started in an all-round way

2022-06-19 0 By

On February 8, the reporter learned from the Municipal Water Bureau that, according to the arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the municipal Water bureau coordinated epidemic prevention and control and irrigation production, actively organized the city’s water system to resume work and production, scientific layout, active action, and fully launched spring irrigation work.It is understood that last year, the city’s large area of autumn sowing delay, wheat root instability, coupled with the general lack of effective precipitation since the beginning of winter, is not conducive to wheat and other crops normal overwintering and rooting growth.Municipal water bureau scientific research and judgment, strengthen soil moisture monitoring, mobilize all drought resistance service facilities, timely water diversion, scientific dispatching, give full play to the role of donglei yellow drainage, donglei phase ii yellow drainage, Luohui canal and other large irrigation areas drought resistance main force, realize winter and spring irrigation.At the same time, the major irrigation areas organized drought relief service teams to strengthen the publicity of spring irrigation, guide and help the masses with scientific and precise irrigation, promote water-saving irrigation, and effectively reduce the water burden of the masses.At present, the city’s daily average irrigation of 26,000 mu of farmland, effectively protect the irrigation water demand of the masses, to ensure a bumper summer harvest has laid a solid foundation.(Source: Weinan Daily)