Liao Shuichuan, a pioneer in the battle against the epidemic, said, “Stay on the front line of protecting electricity and protecting the epidemic prevention and control.

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This round of COVID-19 is raging and spreading rapidly.During the critical period, Liao Shuichuan, director of Luncang Power Supply Office of The State Grid Nanan Power Supply Company, implemented the company’s decision and deployment, quickly established the epidemic prevention and control power protection team in the power supply office, comprehensively strengthened the power protection and control work during the epidemic prevention and control, and made full preparations to win the battle of epidemic annihilation.Liao Shuichuan (right) takes regular nucleic acid tests to reinforce the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.’All staff should take good personal protection and go to the nucleic acid test at the specified time.”For positive response to the company about the epidemic prevention and control work instructions, to guard against potential threats from the asymptomatic infections, do a better job of COVID – normalized 19 epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen and perfect the “applicants should do inspection personnel nucleic acid detection, since last December, liao water chuan actively organize monthly staff, industry expansion construction personnel involved in the villages and towns frontline staff nucleic acid detection,We will continue to implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures.Up to now, more than 700 people have participated in the test, effectively ensuring the safety of front-line workers and preventing the risk of infection.”When going out to work, you must take good personal protection, and try not to touch business expansion, emergency repair and other work.”As the branch secretary, Liao Shuichuan gave full play to the exemplary role, take the lead to the post in place when the duty patrol emphasized.”The ‘three-yard’ check needs to be in place, vehicles need to be disinfected before entering the office area…”Every day, he pays close attention to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in the power supply station.”Take a temperature check before entering the office building. If your temperature is normal, you can work in the building and wash your hands in the bathroom.If your body temperature exceeds 37.2℃, please do not work in the building. Go home for observation and rest. If necessary, go to the hospital.”In online meetings, he strengthened the publicity of internal and external knowledge of prevention and control, and improved the self-protection ability of employees.At the same time, in the power supply business hall and other important office and crowded office, the management of sanitation, ventilation, disinfection and other work, actively report the epidemic prevention and control work to the company, to ensure reliable power supply during the epidemic prevention and control.”The knife switch is 37.2 degrees, the equipment is normal, let’s go to the next point.”In the evening of March 25, during the peak period of electricity consumption, Liao Shuichuan led the members of the Party member service team to inspect and measure the temperature of the third phase of the 10 kV water heating city involving the Yongchang Hotel, the epidemic isolation point in the area.”The epidemic is a situation of war. At critical times, Party members should show their identities, shoulder responsibilities and lead the party members around them to spare no effort to serve epidemic prevention and control.”Liao Shuichuan stressed on the recent online theme party day that he used practical actions to practice the enterprise purpose of “people’s electricity industry for the people”, according to the “one household, one policy” to prepare the power protection plan and implement the power protection measures, accurately grasp the demand for power protection, to ensure the normal power supply of hospitals, isolation points and other important power supply units, with no risk of loss.Up to now, Luncang has sent 34 people to patrol, patrol found to eliminate 5 bamboo and other hidden dangers, improve the reliability of power supply of key lines.”Thank you very much for sending generators to ensure the smooth progress of prevention and control work.”Lun Cang town government staff thanks way.The pandemic is the order!In the face of COVID-19, Liao shuichuan held several special meetings on epidemic prevention and control to implement various measures to fight the epidemic and protect electricity.At the same time, actively contact luncang Town government, understand the electricity demand of health centers, nucleic acid testing sites and other key areas.”Although we cannot treat patients at the front line like doctors, the power supply workers are also the solid support of the epidemic prevention and control work.”He has promised.Liao water chuan led power substation, the staff with more confidence, more tenacious determination, more decisive measures, daily shuttle in every power lines, repair maintenance, with their own practical action to resolutely defend during the outbreak of shimron pale safe and stable operation of power grids, fight for win the epidemic prevention and control provides a solid backing!In the face of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, with 20 years of Party working experience, he still sticks to the front line of power protection, fulfils his duties as a Party member, does his best to fulfill his own work, and implements the original intention and mission of a Communist party member and an electric power worker with practical actions.(Electric Beauty of The Light of The Sea Wu Rong/Alan Wong)