Here are 5 effective ways to avoid small fish nests, from wild fishing to dark pits

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A few days ago, I had a private message from a fishing friend who asked me how to avoid tilapia in the black pit.So today old talk along this topic to share with you some of my personal ways to avoid small fish in the black pit fishing, I hope to be useful to the majority of fishing friends.It should be one of the most frustrating things for fishermen to encounter small fish nests in black pits, especially in Guangdong, if they encounter small tilapia nests, it is almost helpless existence.So how exactly do we adjust?Old talk today from 5 aspects to tell you about.The great thing about tilapia is that when they start nesting, your bait will never reach the bottom.So in order to make our bait to the bottom quickly, the most direct way is to weight the lead weight, so that the speed of the bait to the bottom is greater than the speed of the small tilapia chasing the bait.This approach sacrifices the sensitivity of the float to a certain extent, but it can’t be helped.Generally, if you choose this method, you should choose the float with the lead content of about 3 grams, and try to choose the short sub-line, so as to accelerate the speed of bait falling to the bottom. The faster the speed of bait falling to the bottom, the speed of atomization will be slower.Second, a lot of loose cannon to distract attention on this point from the loose cannon on the opening system.We all know that black hole fishing usually requires the use of a shotgun, so let’s start with a shotgun.Since tilapia love to eat so much, we let them eat all at once.The main idea is to add more snow powder when firing the loose cannon, so that the whole loose cannon into a dry state.Then we hit the nest with pellets, and then we catch it with twist bait, each time with a big ball of lead belt.And the whole frequency is faster, after the bait is on the bottom, generally ten seconds to the pole.At this time, the small tilapia will eat the cannon in the upper middle layer of the surface, and our target fish will eat the bait in the bottom, when there are more big fish, they will grab the bait, so that they can effectively avoid the small tilapia.Of course, this fishing method is more suitable for us to catch new fish, not quite suitable for fishing slippery mouth fish or the original pond fish.Above we said that fishing new fish can use the method of increasing the amount of shotguns to avoid small fish, then for slide-mouth fish, we use the method of dipping sesame ball.The main operation process is that we use granules in the whole process of nesting, such as tilapia fishing, the granules can be success No. 1, duck feed, or 825 tilapia bottom granules.Then we dip the tilapia at the sliding mouth of grain fishing with sticky powder or exclamation, which can avoid small tilapia to a certain extent and catch the large tilapia at the sliding mouth.There are two ways to do this, one is direct exclamation dip and then direct particle dip.One way is that we add some sticky powder to the baits, and then dip the pellets into the baits to fish.If you have tilapia that are very slippery, you can use the first one, and if you have fish that are not very slippery, you can use the second one.When we go to the black pit and find the tilapia nesting is serious, we directly in the fishing point closer to the shore to make another nesting material.For example, if we fish 3.9 meters away, we will make another nest 3.6 meters away, and we will fish the nest 3.9 meters away.So we divide the main nest and the secondary nest, the main nest to fish, the secondary nest to attract tilapia.For nesting, we can use pellets for the main nesting, and we can use shotguns to make small balls for nesting.Five, to go, if the above methods are unable to effectively solve the problem, then you can only choose the fifth solution, that is to go to the fishing field to ask other fishing friends, don’t feel that you don’t have full grasp of the rod.Because generally a pond has small fish nest, no matter what person fishing, which fishing position will have small fish nest.At this time we have no down, because even if down, there will be no good harvest.The above 5 points are Lao Tan to the majority of fishing friends to provide some experience and advice to avoid small miscellaneous fish nest, not necessarily right, but the effect must have, the specific effect, or depends on the specific situation.If you encounter small fish nest, we can choose to go fishing at night, so that the effect will be much better.Lao Tan, a middle-aged man after 80 who loves fishing, hopes to share his understanding and understanding of fishing with the majority of fishing friends, and hopes everyone to focus on the collection, thank you.