Car spring maintenance of a few clever tricks

2022-06-18 0 By

Spring is the season with much dust. The air filter of the car is most easily filled with dust at this time, especially when it is often shuttled back and forth on the construction site. It is easier to get dirty.If the air filter is not washed in time, it is easy to lead to “complications” such as weakened power, slow acceleration and increased fuel consumption.In this case, a high-pressure water gun can be used to flush.But if it is oily air filtration, it can not be washed with high pressure water gun, but should be switched to water cleaning.Trick two: adjust tire pressure spring temperature and winter compared to the big difference, with the temperature rise, if the tire pressure is too high, will bring great hidden trouble to safe driving.Each car in the factory manufacturer will indicate in the maintenance manual before and after the correct tire pressure, the car is often checked, and pay attention to tire tread wear, found that the tire side wall is bulging, even if not to the service life, in order to safety should also be replaced.It is rainy in spring, and the acid composition in the rain has a strong corrosive effect on the paint of the car. Over time, it will cause damage to the paint of the car.In addition, small stones flying from the car at high speed can also damage the car paint.When changing the season maintenance, the car owners can give the car a paint beauty, more lasting and more effective is the sealing glaze beauty.Magic trick four: high temperature disinfection to the car for high temperature disinfection, also known as “steam a sauna”, through high temperature steam can air conditioning vents, seats, interior and other corners of the stains removed, but also can remove the smell of the car.Then use special interior cleaning agent to clean and disinfect the control table, door and other parts.In their own hands on the car interior cleaning, to clean with neutral washing liquid, do not use strong acid and alkaline washing liquid.In addition, when cleaning, attention should be paid to avoid sound, radio, dashboard and other water.