An old colleague who has acting skills will put on a show for you

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He plays jing upper body, cunning treacherous shift his acting skills, true and false hard to distinguish he is evil online movie emperor he malicious up old acquaintances cheat……On a sunny afternoon in May 2021, Lai, who was on annual leave, suddenly received a QQ message.Hi, Largo.This is Zhong xx. Long time no see. How have you been?A familiar name caught Lai’s eye. After listening to the other party’s words, he recalled for a long time. Then he suddenly remembered that it was a former colleague he had worked with many years ago.But they haven’t been in touch for a long time, and suddenly they’re looking for themselves…Without waiting for the other party to finish, Lai replied: brother, I am also very short of money recently, and I have no money to lend you!Zhong so-and-so laughed and hurriedly said: Hi!You thought I wanted to borrow some money!No, no!Instead of borrowing money, I have an opportunity to make a fortune for you!You were so nice to me when WE worked together?Lai mou a listen to quite embarrassed, oneself this with the heart of villain degree gentleman’s abdomen is not?How to make a fortune? How do you explain it?2, born · actor actually this old colleague, or want to deceive him!Zhong so and so see steady lai, they pretend to be working in guangxi Teng county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the hospital recently to purchase a batch of equipment, and he just with the hospital’s equipment director is more familiar, can earn high price difference through low buy high sell.Why don’t you make it yourself?What do you want with Mr. Lai?Zhong said, this is the need to advance money, they do not have so much money, thinking of fat water will not flow out of the field, simply let the former colleagues earn it.In order to win Lai’s trust, Zhong also sent him a picture of the internal bargaining purchase notice of XX Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, this picture was forged.After hearing this, Lai was very moved, thinking that Zhong used to be a very kind and reliable person in the unit, and he did have a relationship with him. It seemed reasonable to give him such a chance to make a lot of money.Loathe to give up children can not set the Wolf ah, riches and honour is in danger, and the other party is not unknown, should not deceive themselves.Then Lai mou transferred a large amount of “purchase funds” to Zhong so-and-so.Wait for lai mou completely “enter bureau” after, zhong Mou mou begins to forge all sorts of red head document successively, and one person cent acts the role of many Angle and its contact.Sometimes the hospital has new procurement needs, sometimes the quality of the purchased medical equipment is not good, sometimes we need to fight with the merchants who do not want to return the medical equipment, sometimes the approval of the purchase of medical equipment is in trouble, so we need to do some favors.In this way, Zhong repeatedly asked Lai to transfer money to “the chief of a department in a people’s hospital”, “the director of the equipment department in a traditional Chinese medicine hospital”, “the judge of a people’s court” and other characters he played.Seeing this, I can’t help but marvel at what a god’s acting is!After all, the paper could not contain the fire. After a long time, although the amount of money defrauded was not much, Lai had been trapped in the quagmire unconsciously, losing all his money, and even got more than 500,000 yuan inside and out!It finally dawned on him that he might have been cheated by his old colleague!So, Lai mou walked into the police station.On November 22, 2021, the police in Wuzhou, Guangxi Received a report from Lai.Because of the huge amount of money involved, The Wuzhou police immediately set up a network security department led by the task force to investigate, quickly locked the track of zhong.On December 6, 2021, the police of the task force successfully captured the suspect Zhong.After the trial, Zhong honestly confessed that she owed a large sum of money due to her participation in online gambling, and in order to continue to participate in gambling, from May to October 2021, one person played the role of multiple actors to commit fraud on the victim for various reasons, such as helping the victim to invest in medical equipment to obtain large profits.On December 6, 2021, the public security organ placed the suspect Zhong under criminal detention according to law.On January 20, 2022, Zhong was arrested with the approval of the People’s Procuratorate of Wanxiu District, Wuzhou City, Guangxi on suspicion of fraud.What words, called the rabbit don’t eat a nest side grass? Is this clock so-and-so is not acquaintances place you also must be careful not to say that we don’t cheat your genial smile that please timely alarm picture screenshots guangxi Internet police to edit | materials | | network Peng Jialin