Xuan Xuan and Louis Koo with the frame quite have CP feeling, wear printing skirt matchs gules boots, the United States gets expensive gas and nature

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# fashion in nearby # # # # # today what to wear to wear take a red HeiBang a lot of people in life will be very like to collect accessories, such as the lovely small ornament, or a delicate potted landscape and so on, even on the walls there are a lot of good art paintings, these decorations like light up the night sky, and purple flowers to decorate the bare field.In fact, the most common decoration in daily life is clothes, but there are many categories of clothing, different kinds of clothing corresponding to the decorative effect is also very different.In the mind of many women, the best decorative effect of clothing is actually skirt, skirt as a branch of female clothing, has a wide range of styles and audiences, but there are many women do not understand the way of dress selection.Xiaobian this time will xuan Xuan some dress to wear collated out, her dress is more personalized fashion, the next look together.The design of skirt outfit recommends — Xuan Xuan of copper money grain printing long skirt and Gu Tianle have CP feeling quite with the frame, wear printing skirt to match gules boots, the United States gets expensive gas and nature.The reason why skirt can have such a large base of audience is because of its complex variability, a good-looking skirt is formed by many layers of complex production and element collocation.And want to choose a dress suitable for their own also need to consider from many aspects, women in the selection of dress can start from the main elements of clothing, although the type is a very important part.But the elements on dresses are the most obvious, such as prints, which are popular and have stripes, while women can opt for similar but less popular copper prints.The effect of the grain will be more complicated, but on collocation skirt the results presented are still contracted fashion, the types of copper lines have a lot of, the grain is more classical, also had a very good fashion, women can choose different styles of copper lines joining together in together, a design of the atmosphere on collocation skirt style.For example, the waist long skirt with round collar and long sleeves has plenty of space for expression. Round collar and long sleeves are conservative styles, but it has a bright effect with the copper coins covered on the top.In addition, the accessory styles of copper coins are also very diverse. The design lines of this pattern are very atmospheric, and also have a handsome and spontaneous feeling. In the later stage, a pair of handsome retro leather boots can be matched.This can show the layering and detail of the match, the hippie feeling of pointy leather boots is also very strong, and there is a strong sense of modern knight.V-neck long-sleeve print dress a lot of young women in choosing a dress will prefer to choose the design of some fresh exposure, although such dresses can be shape curve and sexy glamour, but it is hard to mature sense of temperament, so in terms of design can also try the more gentle elegant long-sleeved dress.Dress materials and elements of design can choose gauze print dress, with a wide deep V or atmospheric V design will have a very good mature sexy amorous feelings, wide collar design is suitable for big bones of women, is also very suitable for women who want to stretch neck proportion, such a design perspective of cuff on collocation also have euphemistically low-key sexy temperament.However, it should be noted that deep V with long sleeves will move the visual focus and body proportion down, so you can choose the style of short skirt to make dress and body proportion more harmonious and good-looking, short skirt can also let the lines and beauty of legs show.Recommendation – dress of the color red in daily life is pure color skirt is more common, because pure color skirt will not let the integral collocation in the collocation of late have a fancy feeling, also conforms to the collocation of colour to simple suggestion, but the dress or skirt is very suitable for color matching design, the need for the dress when you choose a main tone or color.For example, red is a very suitable color to match with other colors. There are also many everyday colors in red, such as jujube or crimson, which are retro and versatile.There are certain colors in solid black dresses that are unshakeable in their status and popularity. These colors can be called hot colors or base colors, because the hottest colors always have many unshakeable audiences.Black is one of them. When choosing black dress, you can try to have a hierarchical design. The hierarchical design can not only show the delicate sense of dress, but also shape and modify the figure proportion, such as the design of slit and waist is set for this purpose.The collocation of skirt outfit recommends — dark red printing skirt + argent handbag Xuan Xuan is dressed quite have big woman glamour, gules boots tie-in argent hand bag, expensive feeling is self-evident.Xuan xuan itself was a very tall actor, her appearance like a supermodel rippers, also looks very recognizable, but xuan xuan’s facial features are actually more dignified atmosphere, her facial features and shape of the face are very stretch, short hair is also very agile, on collocation of this kind of temperament in reality also has a lot of women, some people will feel heroic spirit appearance will be more suitable for pants.But it’s actually more complex and unique in women.A dark red print dress will look mature with black, so look for a sleek silver handbag to brighten up the look and spice up the outfit.Slim length skirt + 100 pleated skirt fold wear besides can be applied to go up in jacket, still can be applied to go up in skirt, like contracted case grain business suit can match a dignified slim length skirt.However, this kind of collocation will not show too much novelty, so you can match a super short pleated skirt with a long skirt. This kind of collocation is very fashionable, but it will not have a tender effect.