The son is the mixture of mother and daughter-in-law

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For example, when your mother scolds her daughter-in-law, the son will say, “That’s not true. It’s not true. The more you try to explain for your daughter-in-law, the more angry your mother will be.Your mother thought, I raised you so big, you married a daughter-in-law forget mother, heart immediately ran to her, so she even more abuse daughter-in-law, this is all caused by the son.Will be a man’s son, when your mother scold daughter-in-law, you say hateful, how can she be so?I’ll give her a piece of my mind when she gets back.Mom said, no, no, I said you know.Don’t believe me, you try, no old man likes son and daughter-in-law quarrel, you will be fine.If you are a daughter-in-law, don’t greet your husband as soon as he comes back and touch him. Your mother-in-law will be very angry. She will say to herself, “He is my son, and you touched him before I touched him.When the wise daughter-in-law saw her husband coming back, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner and let the whole family go and talk. They had talked enough.What’s so important about finishing the door?I can’t even put them in order.