State Grid Yulin Power Supply Company: tighten the spring fire “warning line”

2022-06-17 0 By

Sunshine News (Zhang Jing reporter Gao Xiaoyu) March 15, state Grid Yulin Power supply Company transmission inspection center according to the plan, the organization of the transmission operation and maintenance team of transmission lines prone to mountain fire in the lot of special patrol, to do a good job in spring power facilities fire prevention work.The weather is getting warmer, gradually entering the important period of forest fire prevention, the company for the current season of mountain fire prevention focus, take the “combination of fighting and prevention, internal and external linkage” way, according to the “piece, section, point” stratified implementation of responsibility, strengthen fire prevention hidden trouble investigation;Set up the mountain fire line inspection and patrol group, cross inspection of key lines within the group, strengthen inspection, increase the frequency of inspection, take special personnel to guard the key area of mountain fire prevention, so as to achieve “double insurance” inspection;Install fire warning signs in key areas, remove clumps of grass and shrubs in time, and excavate fire isolation belts;Organize comprehensive investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards in lines and passages, and clean up all inflammable and explosive items stacked in transmission lines protection zones;With the basic power supply station as the unit, the establishment of mountain fire prevention line protection class, adopt the fragment area dry system, the fire prevention work will be implemented to each line, eliminate the line protection area and the vicinity of artificial fire burning behavior, to avoid the occurrence of mountain fire endangering the power grid operation events;Strengthen the safety control of construction site, strictly prohibit the occurrence of mountain fire caused by construction, emergency repair and outdoor use of open fire;Extensively carry out mountain fire safety publicity, go to towns and villages along the line, explain to local residents the common sense of electric power facility protection, strengthen the public’s awareness of fire safety, arouse local people’s attention to mountain fire prevention, and improve residents’ knowledge level of fire prevention and electricity protection.At the same time, it actively communicates with the local government, forestry and public security departments to establish a fire mutual report and prevention mechanism, proactively prevent mountain fire hazards in advance, eliminate the hidden danger of mountain fire in important transmission lines, and ensure that the power grid can safely survive the peak period of mountain fire.Up to now, the company has inspected 245 transmission lines of 35 kv or above and dealt with 45 fires in a timely manner.More than 3000 copies of publicity materials were issued, effectively creating a strong atmosphere of “fire prevention and line protection”.