LOL: If you were a designer, how would you design a new summoner skill?

2022-06-17 0 By

There are only 9 summoner skills available in The Summoner Valley, if you don’t count the snowballs and clarity in The Polar Brawl. Veteran players will probably know that many interesting summoner skills have been removed, such as respawn (the ability to resurrect a hero immediately after death,CD special long), insight (light any one area of the map view), strengthening the fort (for defensive towers invincible and provide defensive towers attack speed and damage), but with the change of version changes, the too strong or too weak summoner skill has been removed, only that a little summoners skills, the most practical summoner skill should be flashing,Almost every hero has a pen-pocket flash.Flash effect:Flashing a distance, simple description does not reflect the important role of blink, simple direction said flash is a potentially life-saving skills to escape, need to use flash to distance itself from the dangerous environment, the big direction said flash is can decide the outcome of key skills, many key melee because C no displacement is seconds kill, lack such a displacement,There are a lot of hero skills can be matched with flash, such as: R flash blind monk, R flash bright moon, Annie flash R, if there is no flash Annie is a stupid than the hero, it is difficult to open the other side of the C.What summoner skill would you create if you were an LOL designer?The designers of League of Legends don’t seem to have any idea about summoner skills, except to delete them. I feel summoner skills are also a place of innovation. If you were the designer of League of Legends and asked to design new summoner skills, how would you design them?Reinforcement: cooldown: 180 seconds, effect: spawn a line from your nearest defensive tower (not including super units, level 1-10 is normal, level 11 is sporty).Feel the net friend’s imagination is very big, the summoner skill if really exist, require players to have a deep understanding to pawn line, hero alliance is a pawn line games to play, master even if there is no very good operation, light line with one hand soldiers can play across the lose, especially the road line, single line to strengthen line length,The reinforcement summoner ability will make the players who can play the pawn line “go to the next level”, but I think it is a bit fierce in the early stage, 12 pawn level 1 few heroes can beat it.Would it be better for tier 1 to have 3 melee units, tier 6 to have normal units, tier 11 to have gunboats, and tier 16 to have destroyers?Stun: 90 second CD, stun all nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds, with a 1 second slow down effect.Feel dizzy summoners skills is particularly suited to have delayed hero, such as ni supposed to cooperate the stun skill is very bad, but I still think semler is the biggest beneficiaries of summoners skills, you can imagine her side spin and then can stun is what kind of experience, it is easy to cause the late harvest the task,A lot of times Samira didn’t finish harvesting because the big move was interrupted.(Suddenly found that this skill is actually the summoner skill of King of Glory, forgive Jian Jian I have not played king of Glory…)Remote shopping: 300CD, can not shop in the fountain shop, and restores 15% of lost health.At present, only One hero in the League of Legends, Orn, can buy equipment outside of the fountain. However, most of the time, they have to go home to buy equipment, which leads to the loss of the game, which is the most angry, so I want to design the summoner skills to buy equipment outside what will be like?It feels a bit like the messenger in the tower of knives can bring you equipment, but I think remote shopping can also restore a certain amount of health, a little bit similar to spring water, what do guys think?League of Legends still needs some innovative gameplay, otherwise players will get tired of the current game mode sooner or later, summoner skills have not been changed for a long time, designers can make some adjustments from this point of view, if you would like to design summoner skills?