It’s about your travel!Xi ‘an: from tomorrow onwards, gradually recover

2022-06-17 0 By

Source Shaanxi city express on February 8, xi ‘an city west passenger station issued a notice, the station from February 10, the resumption of inter-provincial line operations.Today (February 9), the reporter learned from the Transportation bureau of Xi ‘an, from February 10, the major passenger stations in Xi ‘an will gradually resume the operation of inter-provincial class lines.Staff said that passengers with travel needs can check the number of tickets on the ticket website, if the normal purchase of tickets, it means that the operation route has been restored.According to the reporters, all passenger stations should strictly follow the risk level specified by the Epidemic Headquarters of The State Council and only resume inter-provincial train routes to low-risk areas (routes to Beijing are suspended), while passengers passing through medium-high risk areas are strictly prohibited from boarding or boarding passengers.Source: South passenger station West passenger station Shaanxi Traffic Broadcast Huashang Daily