Confucian classics: Confucian doctrine of forgiveness, Confucian filial piety

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Confucian classics: Confucian forgiveness, Confucian filial piety.The Confucianist Shu Dao Zi Gong asked, “Is there a man who can say a word and do it all his life?”The Master said, “It is very forgivable!”Zi Gong asked his master, “Is there a single word in the code of life cultivation that can be used as a code of conduct throughout life?””The master replied,” That is Suo.”Daoism is the most important moral aim of Confucianism, which embodies the basic spirit of Confucianism.Shu Dao is also known as the code of human law and the golden rule of harmonious coexistence of human civilization.”Such as heart” means “pardon”, “such as”, obedience also.To deal with things with the kindness that is inherent is forgiveness.Shuo Wen Jie Zi said, “Pardon, benevolence also.””Forgiveness” means tolerance, understanding and respect;It means not imposing one’s own will, likes and dislikes on others.That is to push others with their own benevolence, to compare hearts, to think about their own things, so that they can understand others well, can correctly handle the relationship between people, that is, “do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you”.As the core concept of Confucian benevolence, shu Dao has a very rich connotation.There are mainly the following aspects: First, “do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.”That is, don’t impose on others what you hate and don’t want to do.Only in this way, can “in the country, no complaints at home.”Second, “the husband is kind, want to establish others, want to achieve and talent”.This is to tell people, as a person with a benevolent heart, their own hope, desire, to achieve a certain goal, also let others to pursue, to achieve.Third, make others others different.The way to make himself comparatively is the aphorism in the University: “Do nothing to make others think differently by making himself comparatively”.Evil in the bottom, do not matter;Evil in the former, not in order;Evil in the past, not the past;Evil to the right, do not give to the left;What is wrong with the left is wrong with the right.That’s the way to make himself comparatively.”It means: If you don’t like the way a superior treats you, don’t treat a subordinate in the same way.You don’t like the way a subordinate treats you, so don’t treat a superior in this way.By analogy, others should be made comparatively by thinking of each other and thinking of others. This is the way of making others comparatively.If people could push themselves and others in this way, their behavior would be in line with the doctrine of forgiveness and there would be no unnecessary conflicts.Fourth, respect, understanding and tolerance for others.Shu Dao also shows the Confucian culture’s affirmation of individual independent personality. Everyone has his own dignity, ambition, behavior mode and interest needs. We should not lose the minimum sympathy, compassion and intolerance because of the inconsistency of opinions, behavior mode and interest needs.Fifth, the concept of peace.It advocates that human survival and development is not a zero-sum game, but tolerance, communication, peace and win-win.Shu Dao is the moral aim of Confucius to educate Zi Gong.As a famous diplomat of the Spring and Autumn period and warring States period, Zi Gong was also rich in business, but he could still hold the doctrine and succeed in virtue.Does his virtue not dishonor today’s rich?We should not forget the hadith of “Do unto others what we would not have others do unto us” and practice together the golden moral rule of dharma, which has been called universal value.Confucius said: “They are also filial and fraternal, but those who are good at transgression are rare;Not a good offender, but a troublemaker.Not have also.The gentleman’s work, this set and tao sheng;To wipe filial piety is the essence of benevolence.”You zi said, “If a man is dutiful to his parents and respects his elder brother, he will seldom offend the emperor and his elders.He who does not offend his majesty and his elders will not stir up trouble.Gentleman’s practice must seek its fundamental, fundamental establishment, then get its avenue.Filial piety is the essence of benevolence.”What is the Confucian way of filial piety?In the Confucian view, filial piety is the foundation of benevolence and virtue and the source of all good things.The father is kind, the son is filial, the elder brother is respectful, is the way of heaven, human ethics.Confucius said, “Filial piety is the foundation of virtue, and education is the foundation of life.”The Classic of Filial Piety says, “What people do is greater than filial piety.”These two classics highly summarize the position of “filial piety” in Chinese traditional culture, which is the core of Confucian ethical thought and the essence of Chinese traditional culture.Filial piety, is the foundation of virtue, is “civil harmony” to the main road of virtue;Filial piety is the most important Confucian ethical relationship, ranking first among the five virtues (five virtues: father and son are close, monarch and minister are righteous, husband and wife are different, old and young are orderly, and friends are trustworthy).The Confucian doctrine of filial piety does not only refer to purely caring for the body of relatives, but also includes the unique content of caring, satisfaction and commitment.Support needs to have sincere respect, living current affairs to ritual, when the funeral to ritual, sacrifice to ritual.According to Confucianism, filial piety is not only the way of human relations, the way of family harmony, the way of peace, but also the way of governing the country and the world.Therefore, Confucianism especially values and praises filial piety.The Confucian doctrine of filial piety not only refers to the filial piety of family and children, but also refers to the filial piety of social politics, religious transcendence, sages culture and natural ecology, that is, to serve relatives by filial piety, to govern the country by filial piety, to worship the gods by filial piety, to worship the saints by filial piety, to treat things by filial piety.Confucian filial piety is not a one-way blind attachment, nor is it the modern misunderstanding of “foolish loyalty and foolish filial piety”, but a two-way, three-dimensional, expanding human relations road.In modern times, the Confucian filial piety as “the dregs of feudal ethics” has been deliberately distorted by modern anti-traditionalism, they equate filial piety with “foolish loyalty and foolish filial piety”, think it is this kind of filial piety, people lost personal rationality and independent personality, this is wanton distortion of Confucian filial piety.It is precisely because of this misunderstanding and misdirection of Confucian filial piety that it has been marginalized.It is precisely because the filial piety as the first ethics is marginalized that there will be many social moral decay.(Full text)