Chinese ice and snow athletes with hard writing era Hua Chapter

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The sweat of hard work irrigates the Olympic dream, and the strength of endeavor engraves the glory of the motherland.At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted the attention of the world, Chinese ice and snow athletes took the responsibility of “mission on shoulder, struggle on my own”, bravely competed for the lead, made many achievements, won honor for the country, vividly interpreted the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit, and delivered a wonderful Olympic answer paper.These young people of the new era raised the flag of patriotism in the Stadium of the Winter Olympics, wrote a vivid and magnificent chapter of The Times in their hard work, and gathered the surging strength of the new journey to build China into a sports power.The Beijing Winter Olympics is a grand Olympic event held at a time when the world is still faced with the challenge of COVID-19. It is a major landmark event held at the historical juncture of China’s two centenary Goals.Compared with the summer games, the games are the face greater competitive pressure, the whole project is particularly need to achieve the goal of “the prize” “win honor for our country, fight for the” sense of mission and sense of responsibility, sense of honor, especially need to dare to fight, fight, winning the ability, especially need spelling pledge, dare to struggle, is good at fighting ambition and courage,It is particularly necessary to build a national team with a good style of work and good fighting ability.The beginning is a tough battle, the start of the charge.With the reputation of “sharp knife on ice”, The Chinese short track speed skating team sounded a loud and clear charge on the first competition day.This team won the gold medal in the short track speed skating mixed relay, which is not only the first gold medal for The Chinese sports delegation in this Winter Olympics, but also the 11th short track speed skating gold medal in the previous Winter Olympics.”We just go out there and fight.”Fan Kexin got the team off to a good start by batting first in the final.The mountain is heavy, those who can do it.”I thank the team for trusting me to run the fourth leg.”Wu Dajing, who served as the fourth leg, managed to keep the advantage until the end.A good start is half the battle. A good start requires sharpening and skillful troops.On June 18, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a heartfelt letter to all the students of the Champion Class of 2016 graduate students of Beijing Sport University.As a member of the champion class, Olympic champion Wu Dajing remembers the contents of the reply vividly.”We don’t just represent ourselves, we don’t just represent our sports teams, we represent our country every time we play on the international stage.””Athletes must try their best to achieve good results on the field so that they can live up to their mission and responsibility,” Wu said.In the process of preparation for the Beijing Olympics, the snow and ice project team continued to carry out “the motherland in my heart” education activities, to spur the athletes to cherish a rare historical opportunity, adhere to the thought of casting the soul, strengthen physical foundation, to strengthen the power of science and technology, special skills, honed can makes romped, a fine style of the national team.In addition to fan Kexin, Wu Dajing such veterans, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and other younger players have been able to carry the beam.In men’s 1,000m short track speed skating, ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won the gold and silver MEDALS respectively.Although Wu failed to stand on the podium this time, he also won a lot of praise from netizens for his efforts and positioning to cover his teammates’ advance.”Go!” he shouted to Ren Ziwei during the match.It shows the great inheritance of this honorable team.”For the honor of my country, I put all my strength into play.””I think whoever wins the championship, as long as It’s China, I’ll be happy,” Wu said after the match.”There are three Chinese players in the final. None of us will relax. We all have the same idea and we must win the gold medal.Ren ziwei said, “Team China will never let you down!Every game somebody comes out and we’re the sharps on the ice.”During the award ceremony, seeing a group of volunteers of the same age singing “Ode to the Motherland” all the time, it struck a strong emotional chord for Ren, “our generation of young people are full of hope, we can give everything to the country.”A good start is not the end of success, only fight to the end may have the opportunity to laugh at the end.In the face of difficulties and challenges, whether or not they finally stand on the podium, The Chinese athletes are indomitable struggle, know the difficulties, and strive to win the gold medal of “hard work”.In front of the “ice knife” spelling when the first charge to break the bureau, after the stalwart force indomitable struggle to lead the change, the ice and snow blooming pattern is forming.Only love and hard work can resist setbacks and challenges.From the pyeongchang Winter Olympics silver medal to the Beijing Winter Olympics gold medal, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong overcame their injuries while constantly challenging new difficulties. Even after setting a new world record in the short program, the pair still did not stop challenging high difficulties.In the free skate, they successfully returned to the field with four twists and beat three Russian pairs to win the gold medal.”To be an old athlete is to keep loving it and keep trying hard.””Athletes all want to win glory for their country. This is our belief and our responsibility,” Said Sui.”In the game, it’s the real thing.”After winning China’s first Olympic gold medal in men’s speed skating by setting an Olympic record in the 500m, Gao Tingyu was confident that he was just the beginning of the event for the Chinese team, which will get better and better in the future.Brave and good at fighting, The spirit and competitive level of Chinese athletes in the new era demonstrated by Chinese ice and snow athletes at the Olympic Games is particularly inspiring.In her 20-year career, Xu has suffered many injuries and failed to win gold MEDALS in her first three Olympic Games.However, injuries, setbacks and difficulties and adversity did not dampen her pursuit of her Olympic dream.”It is both a mission and an honor to compete for the motherland.””Every time I think of the support and cultivation of the country and the care and help from everyone, I encourage myself to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and do my best to overcome myself,” Xu said.Compared to the previous three winter Olympics cycle, Xu Mengtao came to the Beijing Winter Olympics better off the problem of injury, whether it is a healthier body and competitive state, or a successful landing in each round of competition, this is Xu Mengtao spell out.In the process of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the veteran has paid more attention to physical fitness and physical training than before, laying a solid physical foundation for the Olympic charge.Xu could finish fourth in the 600-person ice and snow competition.In the freestyle skiing aerials national training team, her physical performance can be ranked first in the women’s adult group.In the summer qinhuangdao training base, often can see Xu Mengtao in the routine training after the end of the track and field running laps to practice.”By making myself stronger, I can protect myself better and I hope to set an example for the whole team with better results.”Xu mengtao said, “No matter what achievements I have made, I will start from zero. My efforts will certainly help you at the most crucial time.”Just as Xu Mengtao said, in the women’s freestyle skiing aerialskills final held on the evening of February 14, Xu Mengtao was finally rewarded by her efforts. She successfully challenged the ultra-high difficulty of 4.293 and landed steadily, winning the gold medal with the highest score of 108.61.Xu Mengtao burst into tears as her dream of winning China’s first Olympic gold medal in women’s freestyle aerials came true.”Chinese athletes are the happiest in the world, and the powerful motherland is the strongest backing of every Chinese son and daughter.””The firm belief of winning glory for the country and serving the motherland inspires us to constantly challenge our limits and surpass ourselves,” Xu said.”When I knew I was the champion, WHEN I ran with the flag, I couldn’t hold back the tears.”Qi Guangpu, competing in his fourth Winter Olympics, defied the odds and succeeded in the final round of the men’s aerials freestyle skiing final, which is the world’s highest difficulty 5.0.”Why not fight, must fight, only fight to have a chance.”Qi guangpu said, “I also want to thank the previous several experiences, this is the charm of competitive sports, there are failures and success, is to constantly surpass themselves, beyond the opponent.”Competitive sports is like this. Although we have worked hard and struggled, we may not be able to stand on the top podium, but every self-transcendence completed in the struggle is worth cheering for.The perseverance and courage of jia Zongyang, Liu Jiayu and CAI Xuetong, who also competed in four Olympic Games, to constantly challenge the limits and strive to surpass themselves, are also impressive.From the sixth place in Sochi and the fifth place in Pyeongchang to the fourth place in Beijing, CAI continued to break through the difficulty ceiling and achieved a technical breakthrough of 1080 in The Beijing Winter Olympics.”In the past four years, we have been trying new difficulties. As long as we have the ability, we will continue to challenge our limits and explore our potential.My goal is to push myself to the limit, and that’s what this sport has taught me, to be the best I can be and to push the sport forward.”In the direction of their dreams, the Chinese athletes not only made their historic debut in many events, but also achieved great achievements in many events when they first competed in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, opening up a new situation in ice and snow sports.In the final round of the women’s freestyle platform final, gu Ailing, 18, made a dramatic comeback at the last minute by successfully challenging the double circle turn 1620.”The moment I decided to do it, I wanted to push myself beyond my limits.”Gu said she was not under pressure at the moment of departure because she had already made history by reaching the podium and the courage to challenge could be seen all over the world. I hope it will inspire more people to dare to break their boundaries.Gu went on to win a silver medal in women’s freestyle slopestyle and a gold medal in women’s halfpipe.”I don’t know if I’m a genius or not,” he said. “Genius may help you in the beginning, but in the end it’s 99 percent hard work.”Taking part in three competitions in a row and not flinching more and more when it comes to the crucial moment, this kind of courage and confidence must be inseparable from accumulated efforts.Even in the summer, she runs a horse and a half a week when she’s working on her fitness, and she habitually arrives early and leaves late.”Because I know hard work is the most important thing.”Gu said, “I feel very proud to contribute two gold MEDALS and one silver!””Hard work never deceives you!”Su yiming’s words after winning the silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle quickly went viral online.It was the first time for China to qualify for the men’s snowboard slopestyle and big jump events at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Su’s historic appearance not only earned China a gold and a silver medal, but he also successfully challenged the difficult 1800-degree twist more than once in both events.”Normally, my first Olympics would be very nervous, but when I stood on the starting platform and saw all my friends and my country behind me, I suddenly felt there was nothing to be nervous about.Just try my best to finish my routine and give my best performance, that’s all I have to do.”Although many snow and ice events have not been carried out in China for a long time, Chinese athletes bravely competed for the lead, dared to fight and dared to win, and successfully completed their historic debut in the Winter Olympics or broke through the best results in history in many small events.”Top foreign players usually have 3,000 to 5,000 skis, but I only have about 2,000 skis now. I need to train harder and more scientifically.”After winning China’s first Olympic skeleton bobsled medal, Yan said, “The results represent the past. I still need to get stronger and continue to bring perseverance to more people with my performance.”The strength of sports is inspiring, the spirit of sports is inspiring, and the fighting attitude and temperament of Chinese ice and snow athletes are very appealing to The Times.Youth shines in the struggle, from them we see the self-confidence, enterprising, inclusive, lovely vivid image of the new era athletes.With their indomitable efforts and determination to overcome all difficulties, they have created wonderful moments of competing for the Olympic dream, inspiring more and more young people to pursue their dreams courageously on the new journey in the new era.