Care about you, the wind and grass also love dearly

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1: True love, not love at first sight, not pledge of eternal love, but from the heart care, but can not help caring.In every bit of life, with casual action and seemingly insignificant exhortation and entrust, will be silent expression of the deep love.Will consider your feelings, take into account your emotions;You sad he distressed, you hurt him nervous, your passions he see in the eyes, remember in the heart.People who care about you, afraid you cry, afraid you angry, afraid you alone;Don’t care about you, let you cry, let you make, let your heart be hurt again and again by the ruthless indifference.2: Time always proves something.Some people talk sweet words, but their actions are duplicative.Some people are clumsy, but they are willing to do a lot of little things for you.The day is in the triviality of firewood, rice, oil and salt.Who always let you cry soundless, and who give you considerate gentle;Who always makes you hysterical, and who gives you steadfast touched.Good love, when is the best moisture.It can nourish a person’s appearance and temperament, can let a person become more and more warm and beautiful under the care and care.Life partner is really important, the right person to give you a lifetime of comfort and happiness: I love you, you love me, support each other all the way to the old.The wrong people make you miserable and tired all your life: words that don’t speak, words that don’t mean what they say, languishing in depression and indifference.3: The vast sea of people, someone care is a rare lucky.One porridge and one meal, one spring and one winter.It’s a cup of hot water when you’re sick.Is sad when a hug;It is a coat on a cold day;It’s a exhortation when you go out.The essence of love, but is to put a person seriously in your heart.Is a kind of love can not help, is from the heart of a kind of love, is from the heart of a miss, is a kind of moving weal and woe.Is before words, the body first move;Is an ordinary thing in a small thing, is not worth mentioning silently pay.You can never wake up a fool. Similarly, a person who cares about you doesn’t need to be constantly reminded and tempted.If a person does not take you seriously, no matter how much your heart and lungs, will not move;If a person really care about you, even if you shed a tear, will melt his heart.4: gentle language: care about your people, you cough, he will be concerned to ask a: how?People who don’t care, you tie a rope around his neck, he will think you are playing on a swing.The most afraid of feelings, a cavity deep feeling for indifferent, but a really numb.Two people together, is nothing more than love + love composed of a happy small family, rather than indifference + neglect composed of a dead as the ashes have empty shell home.A person and another person’s encounter, this is a rare fate.Don’t let a long look forward to but for the pain of disappointment, don’t let a hot heart become more and more cold.Love to the talent is worth;Heart to the heart, it is relying on.Sometimes, it’s not that the hurt isn’t bad enough, it’s that the other person doesn’t care about your happiness or sadness, more than the way you cry is just a kind of disgust and boredom in their eyes.Remember: your heart, the wind and grass also love dearly;If you are not in my heart, I will not see you.​