Wu Changjiang’s “Ice and snow Panda” painting went online as a tribute to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-16 0 By

On February 4th, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened, in order to carry forward the Olympic spirit, spread the giant panda culture, tell the Chinese story on the international art stage, spread the good voice of China, and promote international cultural exchanges.Famous panda painter, CPPCC member of sichuan province, the national level artists chang-jiang wu tour around the games theme, the giant panda image are fused together with ice and snow sports, makes the financing and the new concept, new categories and new expression, vivid portrayal faster, higher, stronger spirit of the games, actively promote ice and snow sports, the pursuit of their dreams.Wu Changjiang’s 12 paintings of ice and snow pandas, themed around the various sports of the Winter Olympics, soar in cuteness when they play skiing, skating, curling and ice hockey.Some art critics said the paintings explain and promote more excellent culture with Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit and Chinese wisdom to the world, and strive to create a credible, lovable and respectable Image of China.”Over the years, Mr. Wu Changjiang’s panda works have been recognized as a special cultural symbol, stirring emotional resonance beyond national boundaries.”The giant panda is a national treasure of China. How to take the panda culture as the carrier and the art of painting and calligraphy as the form, ask the tradition and reality, reveal the spiritual connotation of the panda culture in the new era, is becoming a new proposition, new exploration and new vision of Wu Changjiang’s artistic journey.Wu changjiang told the Cover news: “This collection of works is an opportunity to use the Olympic spirit and panda culture as a link to add beautiful cultural color to the Winter Olympics, and at the same time to promote the ice and snow sports art power.”