Win the new power of the highest delivery xiaopeng, a new round of financial results?

2022-06-16 0 By

In the past year, the auto industry has suffered from lack of core, rising raw material costs, repeated epidemic and other factors. Some auto companies have been affected and complained, but some auto companies can maintain a strong momentum of development.Recently, many auto companies, including Geely and BMW, have released their financial results for 2021.As the new force with the highest delivery volume in 2021, xiaopeng’s financial results are also of great concern.According to previous official estimates, Xiaopeng’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 will be between 7.1 billion yuan and 7.5 billion yuan, but following the pattern of previous official estimates, the actual revenue is likely to be higher than the estimate.Do this prediction, because in the past year, xiao peng car introduced G3 models instead G3i, continues to consolidate electric SUV market leading position, 150000 blockbuster also built with joint senior fuel car snatching market of pure electric car (P5, and start in October delivery, provides a new life at the end of the sprint, plus annual flagship model of firing P7,Three cars together to make xiaopeng car overall delivery to a higher level.Not long ago, P7 also set a new record of line speed of one hundred thousand under the new force of car making, and became the first pure electric new force model to break through one hundred thousand mass production. The existence of the above is enough to support xiaopeng 2021 financial results will not be very bad.Of course, it is not convincing enough to speculate on the delivery volume of models, so let’s focus on the R&D investment.As a technology company, Xiaopeng pays more attention to r&d investment, the opening of urban NGP, the first self-developed and mass produced 800 volt high voltage SiC platform and light 480 kW high voltage super charging pile.Previously announced information, Xiaopeng in the first quarter r & D investment of 535.1 million yuan, the second quarter 863.5 million yuan, the third quarter 1.2642 billion yuan, and the annual estimated R & D investment is 4 billion yuan, so xiaopeng’s fourth quarter financial results are likely to be a new high.He Xiaopeng once said, when running forward, especially in the lead, do not look at what others are doing…The key is to pace yourself.So we might as well look forward to the future of xiaopeng will bring us what kind of surprise!