The twelfth lunar month when I was a child

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The author reads: qiaoer when I was a child in the twelfth lunar month adults busy doing Spring Festival goods children holiday not idle my brother and sister every day to count fingers like a hundred claw scratching the heart to look forward to the New Year……When the stove burning coal years ago, the stove was particularly prosperous, hot gas rising on the stove mother’s face with a bright smile, the fragrance wafting through the nose wow……Mother took us shopping into the store to buy fashionable corduroy is strong and beautiful do new clothes until the first day of the Lunar New Year wear in the Twelfth month, buy New Year pictures mother will especially choose a dream of red Mansions, Journey to the West the Eight ImmortalsCrossing the Sea, Tiannu Scatter flowers and two immortalstwo……At home, the walls are covered with stories don’t have to go out around the wall to see art exhibition On New Year’s Eve red lanterns hang up firecrackers ring fireworks leap into the sky dumplings in the pot rolling up and down mother busy in front of the stove pot dumplings cooked our belly round dumplings stuffing jujube and money how much heart in the dumplings how much look forward to in the next year…Postscript: When I was a child, the days were very long and slow, and I always looked forward to the New Year……It’s as if the day has not yet passed.Last year’s year just passed, this year’s year is coming…Remember the good times of the past, cherish everything we have now!2022-1-11 “Study” author recited: Qiaoer has been in the army, politics and medicine.Successively served as senior reporter, editor and chief editor in several newspapers and periodicals.Many of her works have won awards, among which “I am a Fire” was awarded the first prize of “National Excellent News Works on Women” by All-China Journalists’ Association.He has published books such as Men and Daughters, Anecdotes of Paratroopers, And Beautiful Language, etc.His works and papers have been published, reprinted and collected by many media.Editor: Yan Jingping, White Waves