The progress of the CARRIER variant of the FC-31 was accelerated, the wingspan increased, and the number increased to three aircraft

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The first flight of the CARRIER VERSION of the FC-31 at the end of October 2021 appears to be progressing fast, with two prototypes already appearing at test sites: the images have yet to be verified.According to the pictures, the WIDTH of the FC-31 is still wider than that of the J-15 after its wings are folded.After folding, the J-15 is 8.5 meters wide, including the thickness of the wings on each side;The FC-31 looks like it’s about 10 meters wide.The FC-31 air Force variant has a wingspan of 11.5 meters, which is too small a difference.However, considering that the F-35 has increased its wingspan by 2.4 meters from 10.7 meters to 13.1 meters (enhanced low-speed landing and takeoff performance) for the purpose of boarding ships, and its width is 9.1 meters after folding, it is also possible to increase the wingspan of the FC-31 by 2.5 meters to 14 meters.In this case, the width of the wing is about 10 meters after folding.In terms of schedule, both the J-20 and THE FC-31 went through the demonstrator stage (” 2001 “and” 2002 “for the J-20, the first for the FC-31), so the prototype comparison is relatively fair.The first j-20 prototype, “2011”, made its first flight in early March 2014, and the second prototype, “2012”, made its first flight in mid-July 2014, more than four months apart.Now, less than four months later, two prototypes of the CARRIER VERSION of the FC-31 have appeared at the test base, indicating that its second maiden flight took place earlier.It seems that FC-31 finally got rid of the slow pace, strides onto the fast lane.And if you add a static testing machine that didn’t show up, I’m afraid there are now three.In the past, we often mocked the F-35 on the Internet, saying that because the F-35 was developed in three models at the same time, the cost increased greatly, the airframe became bloated, the schedule was seriously delayed, and there were a lot of problems.At present, SAC is using the FC-31 to “eat four”, that is, to develop four models at the same time (air force type, carrier type, foreign trade type, the other is suspected to be naval shore-based type), will there be similar problems?This from the present point of view, should not be so serious.The f-35 is bulky and heavy, mainly because of the “short take-off/vertical landing” type of F-35B.The AIR force type, foreign trade type and naval shore-based type of the FC-31 can basically be counted as one type of aircraft (basically the same shape and size), and there are two types of carrier-borne aircraft.As long as SAC is not currently planning a SHORT take-off/vertical landing model, that’s fine.I would have preferred to have the J-20 on board, but the Navy has naval options.Compared to the J-20, the carrier version of the FC-31 has no side ammunition bay, so the same fighter can carry about one-third less ammunition.In terms of magazine width, the FC-31’s demonstrator and air force version is significantly smaller than the J-20. It is not clear whether the carrier-borne version can be increased.If you look at the F-35, the F-35C is not much different from the F-35A, but the F-35B is smaller.Therefore, if our new generation of carrier-borne aircraft finally chooses FC-31, its size requirements for supporting ammunition will be relatively high.Because the size of the ammunition for our fighter aircraft is generally larger than that of the United States, this requirement can be said to be quite high.Supporting manufacturers, in the ammunition miniaturization, to work hard.It has been 10 years since the FC-31 first flew in 2012.During these 10 years, electronic technology has made a lot of progress.It is hoped that the carrier-based version of THE FC-31 can make a big progress in avionics technology, surpass the J-20 and F-35C, and have strong network integration combat capability and electronic warfare capability (each fighter is equivalent to a small electronic fighter).Combined with our 003 aircraft carrier, the combat capability will cross the ocean.Akik Morning Defense