Red is more than right!Wang Mengting is rumored to have a relationship with Guo, and the whistleblower has publicly apologized

2022-06-16 0 By

Some time ago, the entertainment industry suddenly out of the “unmarried Wang Mengting birth female and Guo Degang related” melon, and the whistleblower also put this news said nose and eyes, instantly put Guo Degang to the forefront of the storm.And that’s not all, melon eating partners are also scrambling, various opinions emerge in an endless stream.But at this juncture, the whistleblower apologized publicly, which also surprised the outside world.On February 5, 2022, the whistleblower named drama Station posted an apology in person.The whistleblower said their article “Guo Degang’s Big Melon” did not conform to the actual situation, and even caused a wrong direction, so he and the website apologized, hoping Wang mengting can forgive their mistakes.In other words, Drama Station shot itself in the face and personally cleared both of them.In fact, as early as the appearance of big melon, there are many people do not believe the truth of things, because Guo Degang this year also has 49 years old, at the same time he is not Schwarzenegger as a strong man, this age to run and others secretly give birth to a child seems unlikely.In addition, Guo degang is very elegant and literati temperament, usually although there is no big gossip, so many people do not believe that he will do such a thing.Data shows, Wang Mengting is Peking Opera actor originally, go to work in the kailin drama company below de Yun company, as a result of Guo Degang appreciates her very much, so hard to avoid the conjecture that causes the outside world.That’s the way it is in the entertainment industry. When a newcomer succeeds, some of the big guns will follow, and it’s hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones.This time Wang mengting’s career took off, so Guo degang, who had been taking care of her, was also thrust into the spotlight.The most puzzling thing is that Guo degang has always been a regular guest of the Spring Festival Gala on TV, but the 2022 Spring Festival Gala was cut from the list, even by local TV stations.The phenomenon is also confusing to melon eaters, as it is a bit different than before.Although the whistleblower has now publicly apologised, some believe doubts remain.Because the whistleblower only apologized to Wang Mengting in the post, but not to one of the parties involved guo Degang, at the same time, as one of the objects of the gossip, Guo Degang did not respond to any, and his favorite students did not stand up for the master, which is not in line with common sense.Guo degang, 49, is the head of Deyun Society and the most popular comedian in the crosstalk industry.The combination of Guo Degang and Yu Qian is deyun society all the time funny bear, these 2 said together “master classics”, “dream of west”, “night travel” and so on are very classic, also let a person lull internal injury at the same time.In addition, because Guo is so popular, he often dabbles in the film and television industry.In 2013, Chen Baoguo, Siqin Gaowa and others starred in 1912, and Guo degang had a cameo role as gao Jingjie.Remember the old Guo in the drama lines also let a person listen to the charm of crosstalk.May be red is more people, also may be the thing itself has “connotation”, or is to eat the melon friend “not too big things”, in all our source is to apologize, but the whole thing doesn’t seem to be over, because everyone is still feel confused, some people think that things are not simple, even it is a “farce” speculation.Of course, there are 1000 Hamlets for every 1000 people. Everyone has different views, and everyone has different attitudes towards things and perspectives. Therefore, there will be hot discussions among melon eating partners.But there is only one truth, I believe it will emerge over time, when the truth will be revealed.