In 1132, Li Qingzhao was sentenced to two years in prison. Why did he end up in jail for only nine days?

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If the Jin army had not moved south and the Song dynasty moved south, perhaps Li Qingzhao would have made more achievements in literature.However, with the shame of Jingkang, Li Qingzhao not only began to wander from place to place, but also changed her literary works from the cheerful and free in the early stage to the sad and sentimental in the later stage.In 1132, at the age of 48, Li qingzhao was sentenced to two years in prison.This makes people wonder what happened to the weak Lee Chung-jo.Li Qingzhao came from a very privileged background. Her father Li Gefei and her grandfather were students of Han Qi, the prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty. At the age of 31, Li Gefei passed the jinshi examination and embarked on an official career.Li Gefei was a member of the Ministry of Rites and a disciple of Su Shi. Together with Liao Zhengyi, Li Xi and Dong Rong, he was known as “the last four bachelors of Su Men”.Li Gefei was at the top of the pyramid in the northern Song dynasty, where scholastic officials and the son of Heaven ruled together. Li Qingzhao received a superior education from an early age, which laid the foundation for her later literary achievements.Is alleged family status, Zhao Mingcheng of Li Qingzhao’s first husband, that also is official home one’s previous experience.Zhao Mingcheng’s father, Zhao Ting Zhi, had been the prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, so it can be imagined how lofty the status of the Zhao family was at that time.Under the support of Zhao Ting zhi, Zhao Ting Zhi entered the imperial College, and then did not participate in the imperial examination into the officialdom.Since his father was a high official in the imperial court, Zhao had plenty of time to do what he loved: study the science of stone and stone.The science of stone and stone can be understood as ancient Chinese archaeology, and his subjects are ancient bronzes and stone tablets, in other words, antiques.While Zhao Mingcheng was studying the science of stone and stone, Li Qingzhao also made great achievements in the creation of poems, and many scholars praised her, saying that she had been famous since her youth and that she was just as talented as her predecessors.Li Qingzhao, who already had a place in the literary field of the Northern Song Dynasty, was naturally favored by Zhao Mingcheng.In a Lantern Festival when the lanterns, Zhao Mingcheng met Li Qingzhao for the first time, a conversation down are quite good, Zhao Mingcheng is a love of the meaning.So not long after returning home, he let his father Zhao Ting zhi, li Qingzhao’s father Li Gefei visit to propose marriage.So, Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng came together and got married.The two people feeling after marriage is very harmonious, Li Qingzhao is also affected by Zhao Mingcheng liked the study of the stone.Neither of them cared much about food and clothing, preferring to live a simple life and spend the money they saved on the study of stone and stone.Over time, Mr. Li and Mr. Zhao amassed a large collection of antiques, many of them expensive.Zhao Mingcheng’s father Zhao Tingzhi is alive, Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng is naturally able to live this carefree life, after all, Zhao Tingzhi served as prime minister, others are too late, which return difficult Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng?But this did not last long, for in 1107, Zhao Tingzhi died.As early as 1105, Li Qingzhao’s father Li Gefei also died.More deadly is, Zhao Ting zhi is contradictory quite deep with the CAI Jing that is prime minister together.In 1106, Zhao Tingzhi toppled CAI Jing and became prime minister.But it didn’t take long for CAI Jing to overthrow Zhao Tingzhi and become prime minister again.Soon after, Zhao tingzhi died of illness.After Zhao Tingzhi died, CAI Jing did not stop there, but also framed Zhao Tingzhi’s family, eventually led to Zhao Tingzhi’s relatives in Bianjing, all men were put in prison.The prison, which began in January 1107 and ended in July, was eventually released for lack of evidence, but Cho was deposed from his official post.This also led to zhao mingcheng did not have the economic strength to continue to live in Bianjing, so he and Li Qingzhao went to Qingzhou, live the life of ordinary people.The experience of Zhao and Li is similar to that of many of today’s second-generation rich officials.Relying on the power of their parents, many of the second generation of rich officials live very well.But when their parents are gone, they fall off a cliff and can no longer sustain their previous standard of living.After becoming ordinary people, Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng were still frugal in the study of stone and stone.Later zhao mingcheng again served as an official, also served as the governor of Jiangning, equivalent to the mayor of Nanjing today.But when Zhao Mingcheng served as the governor of Jiangning, there was a rebellion in his district.As the jiangning region’s leader, Zhao Mingcheng did not consider how to counterinsurgency, but fled under the cover of the night.Zhao mingcheng’s behavior, no matter at what time, is repulsive, even Li Qingzhao is no exception.Also be precisely because of this thing, originally very conjured love two people, feeling appeared estrangement.Later zhao mingcheng was appointed governor of Huzhou, so Zhao and Li qingzhao went south with all the cultural relics they had collected over the years.When passing through the Wujiang River, Li Qingzhao remembered that this was once the place where xiang Yu, the overlord of western Chu, committed suicide, so she wrote “Summer quatrains” : born as a hero, dead as a male ghost.Up to now xiang Yu has refused to cross the river.The poem, which mocks the rulers of the Southern Song Dynasty, also includes her husband.At that time, Zhao Mingcheng was standing behind Li Qingzhao. After hearing this poem, Zhao mingcheng was overwhelmed with shame and anger, and became depressed.Coupled with this, Zhao contracted malaria and died of the disease in August 1129.Second, Li qingzhao’s second relationship lasted only a few months. Zhao mingcheng’s death was a huge blow to Li Qingzhao.But bad luck did not escape at this point, in Li Qingzhao’s southbound way, she and Zhao Mingcheng for decades the cultural relics collected, because of the chaos of war lost more than half.In addition to the missing, many cultural relics were stolen by others.Just think, in that time of war, how could a weak woman hold so many precious cultural relics of great value?As a result, li qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng’s collection of decades, almost all lost.Originally is the second generation of the official, his father-in-law or prime minister, life carefree Li Qingzhao, at this time has experienced several years of vagrant life.The husband Zhao Mingcheng that loves each other very much originally, die because of illness already however.He saved and saved with Cho and lost almost all of his cultural relics in exile.This pile by pile, are destroying Li Qingzhao.Be in Li Qingzhao all one’s thoughts are desponded, when want to embark on terminal, the man that a cheat Dally with female affection appeared.The man who cheated and played with women’s affections was Zhang Ruzhou.He claims to be a fan of Li Qingzhao and has long admired her.And for Li Qingzhao all kinds of meticulous care, all kinds of patterns to express their love.At this time, Li Qingzhao was very fragile, and it was the time when he was most easily captured.Suddenly came a person so concerned about her to take care of her, so Li Qingzhao soon fell, and not long with Zhang Ruzhou flash marriage.The reason why Zhang Ruzhou is a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings, because Of Zhang Ruzhou, is li Qingzhao collection of cultural relics.In other words, he was with Li Qingzhao for the money.But he did not know that li Qingzhao collected those cultural relics, as early as in exile almost all lost.Also accordingly, be informed after Zhang Ruzhou and Li Qingzhao marry this one truth, Zhang Ruzhou ugly mouth face finally revealed come out, he begins to li Qingzhao all sorts of domestic violence.This is too much for Li qingzhao, who is a modern woman with an independent mind and will not succumb to Zhang’s bullying.In addition, Li Qingzhao learned that Zhang Ruzhou had cheated in the imperial examination, so she reported the matter to the government, and asked for a divorce.So, Zhang Ruzhou removed the official post, Li Qingzhao also to divorce.Instead, Li will serve two years in prison.According to song law, a wife who sued her husband for whatever reason was sent to prison for two years.Therefore, even if Zhang Ruzhou really cheated in the imperial examination, But Li Qingzhao had to go to prison.I have to say that this law of the Song Dynasty is really unreasonable.But fortunately, Li Gefei, Zhao Ting zhi left a lot of contacts after the matter, have to interceding for Li Qingzhao, walking around for Li Qingzhao.As a result, Lee was released after only nine days in jail.Lee would not have been sentenced to two years in prison if he had not met Chang Ruzhou, a man who cheated on women s affections.If it had not been for the rescue of friends and family, Li qingzhao would not have spent only nine days in jail.After her release from prison, Li qingzhao also emerged from the pain and her literary attestation reached new heights.Until li Qingzhao died in 1155.