Hanging coffins on park staircases?Net friend: design can ground gas, but don’t connect the earth

2022-06-16 0 By

“The old ladder of Benevolence and longevity will become a cemetery”, “long boxes look strange at night”, “all that is needed is a lid and tombstone”…These two days, a park in Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan province, newly added decorative buildings on the ladder caused a hot discussion on the Internet, which was collectively ridiculed by netizens as “coffin-like”.In several videos posted by Internet users, upstream journalists saw long red boxes dotted along the stairs.On each of the long “boxes” was written the Chinese character “fu” in yellow, which looked very strange, especially at night, because of its slanting Angle and peculiar shape.’Tilted there, hanging coffin?”After watching it for a while, I still wondered why I put the coffin there.” “It was horrible.”The reporter learned that the place in the video is located in Tianren Park, Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and the sky ladder is the landmark building in the park.With a total length of 368 meters, a width of 13 meters and a vertical height of 90 meters, the Renshou Heaven Ladder has 698 steps.Netizen “jiahui” : too like coffin, look is really creepy, go shopping at night or need some courage.Netizen “Meishan Teacher Zhang” : Renshou Tianren Park reconstruction is to upgrade the old Tiantian Park, to provide a place of leisure and entertainment for the local citizens, may have met a design genius, the design of the ladder with full of coffins, a little like walking into the cemetery feeling, feel unlucky.Park side: the contractor design, has been removed 24, the reporter contacted renshou County housing bureau, staff said, at present, Tianren Park is upgrading to build, build has not been completed, the park is closed, the specific situation to ask the park side.Subsequently, according to the telephone provided by the staff, the reporter contacted the park.A woman who works in the park said they are not the contractors of the project and do not know much about the specific design.Previously, the government invited companies to design and build.The park is still under construction and is expected to open during the Spring Festival holiday.The staff reminds that the video shot by the user is privately entered the construction site for filming, “in fact, what the user says is a flower box, which will grow flowers and plants.It was not good to consider the feedback and impact, so it was removed.”Source: Upstream News