Girl born after 1995 dies after falling from paraglider!Why release

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A girl born after 1995 in Shanghai died after falling from a height during a paragliding activity during the New Year holiday in Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang. The accident was confirmed as a general production safety accident, according to an investigation report released recently.The main cause of the accident was that the pilot, Jang Su-yang, violated the regulations for paragliding pilots. He did not fasten song Won’s belt and leg belt on the seat bag and did not check song Won’s safety equipment before takeoff, which caused him to fall to the ground in the way of gliding.Moganshan Jinding Flight Paragliding Base will start operation on May 1, 2020. It is located in Xialang Group 15, Gongli Village, Moganshan Town, Deqing County. The take-off site is located in Wangwei Mountain, covering an area of about 15 mu, with a runway length of 70 meters and a width of 60 meters.The landing area is 35 mu, 150 meters long and 100 meters wide.Song Won and her boyfriend Lee Myung went to Moganshan, Deqing County, at 1:00 p.m. on January 2, 2022, and made a reservation for the Jinding flying paragliding experience at 4:20 p.m. They later changed the reservation to January 3 after learning that the waiting time was too long.January 3 at 13:20, Song Yuan and Li Mou Ming to jinding flight reception center registration procedures;At 14:20, the two with the pilot Zhang Yang and Xiong line in a pickup truck to the takeoff site.Lee, accompanied by Xiong, took off at 14:40, and song, accompanied by Zhang, took off after gliding for about 500 meters.After zhang Mou Yang takes off, step on the seat cushion of Song Mou won’s seat bag with foot, want to let song Mou Won sit on the seat cushion, but discover Song Mou Won cannot sit on, right now, he realizes song Mou Won’s leg belt is not fixed on seat bag, pull song Mou Won’s left hand with right hand, paraglider begins to glide toward east deviate course.Zhang Yang controls the direction of paragliding with his left hand again, and lets Song Mou Won throw away the selfie stick of his right hand and seize the right connection between the two seat bags. He tries to pull Song Mou Won up and sit on the seat cushion again, but affected by airflow, the paraglider produces shaking, and Song Mou Won still fails to sit on the seat cushion.Insist on for a while, after Song Mou yuan right exhaustion from to sell bags of joint, zhang Yang hand caught Song Mou yuan left hand, and feet clamp Song Mou yuan body, going to the woods to the mountain land, but affected by the air flow in the process of gliding, paragliders, zhang Yang is not Song Mou in yuan, eventually lead to Song Mou in yuan from falling on the paraglider.After the incident, Deqing County fire rescue brigade, Moganshan comprehensive fire rescue team, Mogan police station, nearby villagers and other rescue forces rushed to the scene of search and rescue.At 15:40 minutes, after nearly 40 minutes of searching, participating in the search and rescue of industrious village villagers Zhang Mou Hua and Du Mou Song and other people in the Yellow Wood bamboo mountain found Song Mou Yuan.Subsequently Song Mou Yuan was 120 ambulance sent to deqing County people’s hospital for rescue, but to 17 15 minutes after the rescue invalid death.After the accident, the Deqing County Party Committee and government immediately set up an accident investigation team led by the county Emergency Management Bureau, consisting of the county public Security Bureau, the County Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports Bureau, the County Federation of Trade Unions and Moganshan Town, and invited the county Procuratorate to participate in the investigation of the accident.After investigation, it was determined that the direct cause of the accident is: the pilot Zhang Mou Yang violated the “double paragliding pilot rules” established by the unit, before takeoff, the tourist Song Mou won’s belt and leg belt fixed on the seat bag, and did not check song Mou Won’s safety equipment, resulting in the fall to the ground in the way of gliding, the accident occurred.The indirect reason is: Jinding flight did not educate and supervise the pilot Zhang Mou Yang strictly implement the “double paragliding pilot code” formulated by the unit;Failed to establish and improve the production safety accident investigation and management system, take technical and management measures, timely find and eliminate the pilot did not strictly implement the “double paragliding Pilot code” accident hidden danger;Jinding flight is mainly responsible for Yang Ping of the unit’s safety production work supervision and inspection, did not eliminate the pilot did not strictly implement the “double paraglider pilot code” production safety accident hidden danger.Finally, according to the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, the accident investigation team determined that the following persons and units should bear the corresponding responsibilities according to the accident investigation and cause analysis, and put forward the following handling suggestions :(1) zhang mou Yang bears direct responsibility for the accident, suspected of constituting a crime, it is suggested to investigate criminal responsibility according to law.(2) Jinding Flight is responsible for the accident and administrative penalty is recommended.(3) Yang Moping, the principal of Jinding Flight, is responsible for the accident and suspected of committing a crime. It is suggested that he be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Source: Zhejiang Deqing County people’s government official website, orange Persimmon interactive client editor: Xia Huiru