Gao Lingfeng died 8 years ago, his son issued a document to acknowledge the unfilial, thank his father for life

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On February 18, according to Taiwan media reports, on the 8th anniversary of Gao Lingfeng’s death from cancer yesterday, his son Ge Zhaoen posted a post mourning his father, and admitted that he had been unfilial.”Bao Di” Ge Zhaoen wrote, “Eight years ago, when I needed you most, you left, and NOW I still need you.Thank you for giving me life, how many unfilial have been brought by your smile, I hope again and you watch movies, eat, chat.Miss you, my friend, mentor, role model, father!Along with the post, he posted several photos of him and his father in the past.In the first photo, father and son are posing with wu Zongxian, the “King of variety shows”. They are all smiling for the camera. The atmosphere is quite happy.In another family photo, gao Lingfeng, the head of the family, sits in position C, surrounded by his family.Dressed in a white suit and with dyed white hair, he looks avant-garde and star-like, worthy of being the king of the stage at that time.Gao Lingfeng, formerly known as ge Yuancheng, started his career in the 1970s and quickly rose to fame with his excellent singing skills and strong stage presence.His songs “a fire in winter” and “Burn! Firebird” have been popular all over the streets.Besides singing, he is also an excellent host and has been a finalist for the Golden Bell Awards several times.Strength is recognized.Compared to the career of the wind and rain, High Ling feng’s emotional road is very tortuous, a total of three married life, has 5 daughters 1 son.Among them, there are three children inherited his acting talent, has started his career as an artist.Ge Xiaojie, a daughter from her second marriage, is currently working in Hollywood and starred in Justin Bieber’s music video last year.But, the Chinese American artist is not easy to develop in foreign countries, she is still small transparent state.High ling feng and the third wife jin Youzhuang has 3 children, the eldest daughter GeChen Yu and the second son GeZhaoen, are entertainment middleman.Ge chenyu, 26, loves singing and dancing. In order to make her debut, she has participated in many talent shows, and even came to the mainland to take part in The Youth Of You.However, she was always quickly eliminated, until two years ago, she finally made her debut as a girl band member.However, her development is not good, the income is very unstable.At one point, her mother could not stand it and suggested that she change careers, but she refused to give up easily.Ge Zhaoen, mentioned above, tried to be a singer in his early years, but the response was not good. In recent years, he has focused on being an actor. He has appeared in many mainland dramas such as “The Twelfth Hour of Chang ‘an” and “Accompany You to the Top of the World”.However, he didn’t appear in many parts and didn’t attract much attention.Although Gao lingfeng’s children are not developing well, it is clear that they really love the industry and hope that they can get a foothold in the entertainment industry in the future.