The prelude to spring

2022-06-15 0 By

A jin write/theme lyrics: Spring, everyone loves spring, love the delicate and charming flowers in spring, love the bright sunshine in spring, whether you are in the mountains or in the plain.No more, no less, the most beautiful spring.Spring, spring lover, lover’s happy laughter, lover’s happy face, whether dignitaries or humble civilians, not much to a, also many to a very beautiful spring.Everyone is bathed in spring breeze, everyone enjoyed the spring, but at this time, there is sadness in the world, the world and desolate.The winter was so long that many people froze.Now spring has come, spring is blossoming, and the chill is still there.Looking back on the past, looking forward to tomorrow, spring shine on the future.The spring clouds, the spring moon.The spring forests, the spring mountains.The spring dew, the spring ripples.The spring river, the spring sea, the winter jasmine has been in full bloom.We are in the spring outing, with the date of spring.You’re playing in the spring, winning the spring trophy.They celebrate in spring and drink spring wedding wine.There are spring dreams, wish with spring.The lover is in love.The road we have traveled together, the things we have done together, the tears we have shed together, and the songs we have sung together.The prelude of spring, sleepless tonight!