Guilin finance actively do a good job before the Spring Festival Muslim halal beef subsidy funds

2022-06-15 0 By

In recent years, the rising prices of food commodities, especially beef, have put pressure on the lives of some residents, especially hui people.In order to implement the ethnic policy, maintain ethnic unity, and meet the demand of hui compatriots in urban areas to buy high-quality and affordable Halal beef before the Spring Festival, the Municipal Finance Bureau actively included the subsidy of Muslim halal beef before the Spring Festival into the annual budget. This year, it has allocated 300,000 yuan in full, with a year-on-year increase of 11%.Through subsidies, Guilin entrusted Guilin Food Corporation to organize the supply of Muslim Muslim beef at designated special prices. The total amount of Muslim beef is about 8,000 kg. Urban Hui people can buy it at three supply points set up downstairs in Chongshan Mosque, Maping Street Mosque and Lequn Road Food Company office from 27th to 29th.The price is 76 yuan/kg (far lower than the current market average price of 100 yuan/kg), which not only meets the demand of Muslim Muslim beef during the Spring Festival, enhances their satisfaction, happiness and trust, but also inhibits the rise of beef price during the Spring Festival, enhances national unity, and makes an important contribution to the construction of a safe Guilin.