Complete sets of equipment branch gather resource advantages to create a first-class service platform

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The complete equipment branch of Jineng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group closely focuses on the development idea of “high-end, strong transformation, market expansion and excellent service” of Jineng Holding Equipment manufacturing Group, actively integrates internal and external resources to create a first-class service platform.Since this year, a total of 4777 orders have been undertaken, forming the production, manufacturing and maintenance capacity of more than 5000 products, the output of complete sets of equipment has reached 3557 pieces (units/sets), the main product equipment factory pass rate of 100%, gratifying results.With the acceleration of the intelligent construction of coal mines in the whole country and the whole province, the complete set of orders of Jineng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group are gradually increasing, and it is urgent to rely on a unified platform to implement integrated design and complete set of services externally.The complete equipment branch company, which emerged at the historic moment, has been focusing on solving the short board problems of division of troops and scattered resources in the current regional companies from the very beginning. It is not only positioned as a platform for the design, production, installation and service of complete equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry.It is also built as a consulting service and a platform for unified purchase, unified signing and unified sale for regional companies to connect with financial institutions for financing lease, operating lease and bulk steel supply chain financing.Mode in accordance with the “manufacturing and service”, the company fully integrated intelligent mine equipment upstream supply chain, gather internal and external resources, the region linkage, system layout, collaborative, for mine intelligent upgrade to provide complete sets of equipment integration solutions, and gradually explore second-hand equipment set up information platform, development and manufacturing services, cultivate new advantages of manufacturing complete sets of equipment,Strive to build “Jin Kong equipment” brand.Around the further promotion of complete sets of products + services “” manufacturing capacity, the company combined with the actual, specialized product related” menu type “” QingChanShi” management mode, in each unit has ability to form a complete set of product design, which can realize the function, investment and the content of the transformation, estimated cost and so on form the standardization information database,The basic information of the hit products that can participate in market competition is formed into a standardized product database, which summarizes the demand “menu” for customers to choose, and constantly meets the “private customization” needs of each mine and supporting products.And QingChanShi management, is the industrial test for the complete set of products, the ground alignment test and prototype acceptance, installation, debugging, well into the well maintenance, customer feedback, especially the customer involved in all kinds of service in the process of product functional and structural problems, according to the product type classification summary, regularly updated, form a complete set of equipment manufacturing industry products and services listing,As a guide manual for the process of supporting products, design and selection, after-sales service in the future, it is well received by the majority of users.In accordance with the regional product life cycle after-sales service management mode, the company has organized installation, commissioning, operation tracking personnel to carry out after-sales service into the mine.At the same time, the company will market demand research, complete sets of equipment contract, external market as a key work, intelligent tunneling face reconstruction and construction projects with Jineng Holding Coal Group Lu ‘an Coal Business Division, Jinyang coal Business Division, Yangquan coal Business Division, Taiyuan coal gasification.Through in-depth understanding and effective communication, task decomposition and “private customization” are carried out on the demands of intelligent chemical tunneling face of each mine, which provides powerful equipment support for improving safety production efficiency of the mine.At present, we have undertaken 27 mines and 33 working faces of intelligent mine heading face transformation project of Jineng Holding Group.Adhering to the principle of sales, the company has established three business segments: market development, business support and comprehensive service. It has carefully summarized different business marketing models and mechanisms, expanded financial leasing model, and improved “fully managed” after-sales service to provide a foundation for promoting coordinated development.We will comprehensively improve production capacity by promoting basic renovation of production workshops, intelligent upgrading of production lines, and implementing strategic mergers and acquisitions to make up for weak links in development.By strengthening the construction of marketing team, RESEARCH and development team and service personnel, we will build a professional team with high technical level, strong professional quality and excellent marketing means.At the same time, we keep up with the market demand, find a way out in innovation, actively seek advanced technology and excellent experience at home and abroad, with the help of the “ten unified” mode, improve the market competitiveness, to build a first-class intelligent equipment marketing platform in the country, promote the all-round high-quality development of Jineng Holding Group to make a positive contribution.(By Hou Dandan Ye, Editor/Kong Xiannan)