China Merchants Securities ( has been ordered to correct by shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau over a trading system malfunction

2022-06-15 0 By

Zhitong financial APP learned, April 2 news, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau to China Merchants Securities ( to take corrective regulatory measures.According to the investigation, the company’s network security incident on March 14, 2022 had problems such as incomplete change management and untimely and inadequate emergency response.Shenzhen securities regulatory bureau said that the company should further strengthen overall planning of the construction of the important information system, fully understand the system architecture and internal operation mechanism, strengthen the research and development, test, online upgrade changes and operations management, improve the emergency mechanism, security configuration, key positions and personnel’s professional ability and quantity to ensure the safe and smooth operation of information system;At the same time, the company shall investigate the internal responsibility of the relevant persons responsible for this incident.According to article 50 of the “information security management method”, “information technology management method” article 57, and the securities and futures industry network security incident reporting and investigation and handling method “(SFC announcement [2021] no. 12) the provisions of article 28 of the shenzhen securities regulatory bureau decided to take on the company shall be ordered to correct the administrative regulation.It is reported that after the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets opened on The morning of March 14, some netizens reported that China Merchants Securities trading system had a system failure, including the transaction page can not be closed, can not be withdrawn and other problems.The phrase “China Merchants Securities collapse” was trending on Weibo.China Merchants Securities securities affairs on behalf of the media said that the same morning trading system problems.This article is from Zhitong Financial network