The game song has become the grand finale of the Spring Festival Gala!The top soprano: DNA moves

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Spring Festival Gala, generally is the flow of stars humming folk ditty, let the fans listen to happy, outsiders listen to a lively, but recently in shaanxi spring evening has a game song become the stage finale program, the singer after the audience also long immersed in the treble ring, unforgettable, is really a new atmosphere.It is reported that in shaanxi spring evening, Sa Dingding teacher for the audience brought a loud and warm “Hongyin”, Sa Dingding singing grand atmosphere, limit treble repeated singing, as if the ancient flying fairy through time and space, let the audience listen to such as crazy drunk.When the soprano of Sa Dingding started, the audience got goose bumps and said, “It’s so nice, whose DNA is moving?”It’s me, it’s me, it’s me!Many netizens even went to the Internet to find the song and sang it. This time, Sa Dingding and “Hongyin” became popular again. It turned out to be a game song.And sa dingding’s song “Hongyin” is not the first time on the official media.Last year, Sa dingding performed on CCTV, and now she’s appearing in shaanxi’s Spring Festival Gala.And this song is composed by Sa Dingding personally, for the NetEase ancient online game “against the Cold” new career to create a promotional song, Sa Dingding from the lowest tone across three octaves to the highest tone, breaking through the highest difficulty of singing, the song is beautiful and graceful, after the first launch on B website last year, a few days gained 5 million hits!”Hongyin” songs in addition to sa Dingding impressive singing skills, the classical lyrics are also exciting.Because Hongyin itself is NetEase “upstream cold” in June 24 this year launched a new genre, and this genre originated from the prosperous Qiuci ancient country, the body has many symbols of Dunhuang apsaras, with music as a weapon, can kill between the strings, after the online by the players sought after.On the one hand is hong sound professional Oriental verve, beautiful temperament exciting god shake, is on the other hand, by singing majestic atmosphere, the two together produced a wonderful chemical reaction, the combination of Chinese traditional culture in this by more young people under the cognitive, under cold against such a linkage that find everything new and fresh, walking in the road to revival of traditional,Step by step to be recognized by players and society.Ones over the years, the game songs also is not a two, in addition to the cold under the hon sound stage a state media frequently, appreciated by the public, and the original cloud of god new song “goddess split view” pansy sing all over world, let the whole world are all listening to Beijing Opera, also let the team rushed to end, through the song popularized the shaoxing opera, kunqu opera, huai opera, huangmei opera,Game companies are taking on an important role as cultural mediators, bridging the gap between tradition and youth.This is a good phenomenon, I hope the game company can continue to uphold the original intention, to bring us more quintessence of Chinese civilization, let young people fall in love with classical culture!