Lingchuan: Performance evaluation as the starting point to build a safety net for carbon monoxide prevention and control

2022-06-14 0 By

In recent days, Guilin Lingchuan County City management and Supervision Bureau to performance evaluation as the starting point, through the launch of publicity, investigation, rectification work to prevent non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning special rectification action, build a strong safety net for carbon monoxide prevention and control, to protect people’s life and property safety.Lingchuan county city management and supervision bureau to promote the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning.Yang Fengkai shot to build a strong fighting fortress.Through carrying out special inspection of work safety, rectification of hidden dangers is implemented to form closed-loop management;Organize the main person in charge of bottled gas in the jurisdiction to hold a meeting to strengthen the education and training of the employees of the enterprise, and sign the “Safety Production Responsibility Book” with the bottled gas enterprises to further implement the responsibility of the enterprise.”Fixed point + flow” double progress big propaganda.The bureau uses performance appraisal means of reward and punishment, the use of “fixed stalls” + “mobile publicity” dual parallel mode to expand publicity.Special publicity was held 5 times in Bali Street, Lingchuan County, county seat and other places with high turnover, 16 banners were hung and more than 10,000 copies of publicity materials were distributed.Urban management staff combined with street inspection work, issued leaflets to the public, into the store to enter the market for publicity, a total of more than 20,000 leaflets.At the same time, it also makes full use of the loudspeaker of the law enforcement vehicle to circulate the audio of preventing non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning in the street, popularize the knowledge of prevention, and guide merchants and the masses to establish safety awareness.Law enforcement officers went into residents’ homes to inspect the safe use of gas.Yang Fengkai photo “enterprises + residents” two-pronged investigation.With performance evaluation as the overall “focus”, the combination of rewards and punishments should be adhered to, and safety inspection should be strengthened. The two-pronged inspection method of “enterprise + household” should be adopted to carry out solid investigation of potential safety hazards.Strict enterprise supervision, regularly carry out special inspections on production safety, household security inspection and hidden trouble rectification of 4 gas enterprises (including LIQUEFIED gas stations) in the jurisdiction, check out 88 hidden trouble of enterprise safety, track and implement the rectification of 88, and urge gas enterprises to arrange gas delivery workers for household security inspection of more than 5,000 households.The city management team of Lingchuan has been organized to conduct household inspection on street shops, residential communities and villages in the city. Up to now, lingchuan city management has visited about 560 shops along the street and 1,500 residents in residential communities and villages in the city. 60 of them have been found to have hidden safety hazards, and 60 of them have been rectified.”Urban management and communities” weave a tight safety net.We will adopt the model of “urban management, communities and towns” with the participation of multiple parties to build a tight safety net and prepare for long-term prevention work.Urban management departments actively supervise and cooperate with communities and towns to carry out hidden trouble investigation and rectification, and file hidden trouble checked out by households and rectify within a time limit.For the use of direct-row gas water heaters, mobilize to dismantle and rectify, and order the gas supply enterprises to stop supplying gas until the rectification is qualified;If the installation of water heater does not meet the safety conditions, it shall be ordered to make rectification, seal it up first, and at the same time, it shall be ordered to stop supplying gas to the gas supply enterprise until the rectification is qualified.In early March this year, under the leadership of guilin City Management Committee, Lingchuan County City Management and Supervision Bureau jointly with the county emergency bureau, market supervision bureau to carry out supervision work in 12 towns throughout the county, a total of more than 400 households spot check, issued more than 6000 copies of publicity materials to prevent non-occupational carbon monoxide poisoning.Strengthened law enforcement and inspection in the gas field, cooperated with the public security and market supervision departments to crack down on illegal gas business and transportation, carried out rectification activities 23 times, temporarily seized 850 unqualified LPG cylinders in accordance with the law, registered 8 cases and fined 20,000 yuan, effectively cracking down on illegal gas acts.(Tang Ai-kwong and Chen Siu-fai)