Interesting souls on the way!A Chinese in Italy decided to return home on horseback

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Italy on December 23, “Chinese street” news last year, a Chinese called Xu Zhixian from Italy with his mission to Spain, Lin in nearly a month’s time, he is going to buy a horse, and learned to ride a horse, and then prepare the adventure journey next week, with more than a year after more than ten thousand kilometers from Spain riding back to China.Xu Zhixian, born on July 3, 1990, is a native of Juancheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province.In 2009, he came to Genoa, Italy for undergraduate studies.After studying in Norway for two years, Ingegneria Gestionale did not work as an engineer after she graduated from graduate school in 2017. She has helped more than a dozen Chinese students graduate successfully. In the last one and a half years, she has traveled to more than 100 cities in Europe.This time he planned to follow the Camino de Santiago route across Europe and ride back to China.The starting point was chosen as the holy Road, because the direction of the holy road is relatively strong, along the road can stay in hotels, and there are clear signs as a guide, but also through the path and small towns, making it easier for horses to find shelter.The first leg of the route starts at Lalin and follows the Winter Road to Ponferada.Then continue along the French Road to France via Leon, Burgos and Pamplona.From there it continued through Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to China and then across much of The country to its hometown Heze in Shandong province, near the coast.”This is the ideal route,” he told The Chinese Street website, adding that the exact route taken has not yet been marked and could change, as it will depend in some cases on whether certain countries allow horseback crossings.Mr. Xu calculates that the trip will take a year or more, but he is in no hurry.He plans to average about 30 kilometers a day to give his horse, Frion, time to rest, keep him fed and healthy.The goal, he said, is to “reconnect with nature and the world at large, make friends and learn about other cultures along the way.”He believed that “you can do anything in your life if you have a will to do it.”His parents, sister and all his family and friends were waiting for him in Heze, a city of more than eight million people in Shandong Province.Xu zhixian said that he is not afraid of the long journey ahead, and is willing to make all kinds of friends during the journey, maybe the really interesting soul is on the road!He will meet the interesting and thrilling things on the way to share with you through the Chinese street xiaobian, let us wish that he does not have to experience 99 81 difficult, wish to reach the east land!(Article: Exotic, photo by Chih-hsien Hsu)