Costacurta: The new Guardiola doesn’t exist, Italy need to keep Mancini

2022-06-14 0 By

Live live March 28 – accept “la Repubblica” reporter interview, Milan star costacurta talked about the Italian national team and Mancini’s topic.Costacurta said: “Mancini has made a difference in the Italian national team, bringing about a change in the team and focusing on the attacking phase.He led the team to win the European Cup, which was fantastic.But I think now he wants to leave.””Mancini leaving is not the best option because I don’t see a credible alternative.Cannavaro not, pirlo not, the new Guardiola does not exist.I don’t even trust Ranieri, as much as I respect him.We need a guy like Mancini and we need to convince him to stay.”I don’t know why mancini didn’t bring on tonali that day, I doubt that, but I still like mancini and hope he stays.(Iron fist)