Ice and snow World in Fine Arts | Xie Shichen’s Tea Tasting in Xi Shan

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Snow scenery is a wonderful masterpiece of nature, without any traces of artificial carving, in various shapes and forms, making people relaxed and happy, reverie.In traditional Chinese landscape painting, snow landscape is one of the most popular and influential themes, loved by scholars of all ages.Xie Shichen’s Painting Xishan Tea Tasting Is a picture of snow scenery, showing mountains and valleys, pines and Bridges, snow-covered cottage in a beautiful whiteness, and two Gao Shizheng, far away from the crowd, cooking tea and talking.”Tasting Tea in Xi Shan” shows the artistic conception of the stream flowing after snow, and the literati yixing Zhuang Thinking Trent flying.The upper part of the picture occupies more than half of the width is a towering mountains, mountains, mountains layer upon layer, blocking the sight;The clouds wreathed beneath, and the hills rose in the mist;Leave the infinite distance to people’s imagination.Peak hill abuses the long line with twists and turns weight change to draw the outline of the outline, again with shade different ink dot catch concave ministry, peak hill protuberance part puts apart more or less or strong or weak white, the pure and fresh moist feeling of far mountain after snow behaves incisively and vividly.A little closer to the peak of the zigzag zigzag toward the distance, there is no lack of vigorous;In the mountains cengshen strange, slightly to the left, and in response to the close-up view below, the mountains rise and fall.The close-up stone of “Xi Shan Tea Tasting Map” is separated by a valley and stream, and the distant peaks are covered by ancient pines and plum trees, connecting the far and near scenes in the picture as a whole, reflecting the artist’s ingenuity and skill in technique.Near the outline of the stone to small axe chop cun performance of the concave part, the stone is more hale and vigorous.In the lower part of the close-up, half-hidden by a bamboo forest, a cottage, rearing against a mammoth boulder, becomes the focal point of the picture.You have a window in your cottage and they enjoy a cup of tea.Hut outside repair bamboo and plum blossom in the snow deceiving frost proud snow.Even on the distant peak, plum blossoms bloom against the wind, like “a mountain into plum mountains, snow red flowers especially fragrant” scene, which probably reflects the painter’s feelings.(The picture comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.