Foreign media: The Biden family’s new pet cat willow moved into the White House

2022-06-13 0 By

Washington, January 28 (AFP) — Dog-loving Joe Biden and His wife Joe Biden have finally fulfilled one of their major White House promises — they are getting a cat.The political cat is a short-haired tabby named Willow, a spokesman for First lady Jill Biden said Friday.Photos posted by the first lady on Twitter show the gray-striped feline pacing the red carpet at the presidential mansion.”We’re waiting for bad news day, and if you see a tail wagging around in the briefing room, you’ll know something bad is about to happen,” White House Press secretary Jen Psaki reportedly joked last June about the White House moving forward with the long-awaited cat project.”Willow” has “political skills,” the report said.She’s a farm cat from Pennsylvania, the center of attention in a tight presidential race.In 2020, Willow made her debut, jumping onto the stump for the future first lady.”Joe biden was very impressed with Willow,” said Michael larosa, press secretary to the first lady.”Willow arrives at the White House with her favorite toys and treats, and she has plenty of room to smell and explore,” larosa said.Willow’s ability to bridge the cat-dog divide is unclear, but Washington may not have to wait long to find out: Just before Christmas, the Bidens got a German Shepherd puppy named Commander.The bidens had two German shepherds, but one, Champion, died last year, and the other, Major, was sent to live with friends after repeatedly biting White House staff members, the report said.Dogs have a long and legendary history at the presidential palace, the report said.Back in George Washington’s day, more than 100 puppies roamed the hallways, sniffing.But cats are a relatively rare species in the White House.The most popular White House cat is Socks, a black-and-white shorthair owned by the Clintons in the 1990s, the report said.The adopted stray cat has had a meteoric rise in the White House and has even been photographed sitting on the president’s desk in the Oval Office.(Compilation/Yu Cong)