Always phlegm in your throat?A dose of 4 herbs, dry dampness phlegm, to help you eliminate phlegm dampness, phlegm to people

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Today we are going to talk about the problem of phlegm. Do you always have phlegm in your throat?A lot of people have this kind of expression, always have a few white to give priority to stick phlegm, quality of a material is clearer, after spitting out, had for a while again, why to have so much phlegm wet?What’s the solution?Before saying how to deal with it, there is a problem that always puzzles us. We always say that phlegm is wet and phlegm is wet the same thing?What’s the difference if it’s not?Strictly speaking, the two are not the same thing, although they can be transformed into each other, but the symptoms are different.In Traditional Chinese medicine, we emphasize dialectical treatment, and different dialectics lead to different solutions.As we all know, spleen deficiency gives birth to dampness, which gathers phlegm.What meaning is wet gather phlegm?That means moisture accumulates in the body and becomes phlegm.How is the performance different?First say wet, wet trend down, wet easy to go down, performance is the state of water, such as the stool, feet wet, sweaty, wet thighs, wet hands and feet.Besides sputum, sputum can be seen in shape, whether we spit out hot sputum, cold sputum, are formed, our dermal membrane outside the lump, various parts of the lump, fibroids, nodules, are shaped, visible.In addition, the body fat, paunchy, skin hair oil between phlegm and wet, can not be completely separated, we count them as phlegm wet.Back to the point, phlegm, there is always phlegm how to deal with it?Today, I will introduce four medicines to damp phlegm, which are tangerine peel, Thunberg fritillary bulb, Pinellia chinensis, and tangerine red, to help you reduce phlegm.1, tangerine peel tangerine peel not only has the function of dampness and phlegm, but also invigorates the spleen to dehumidify. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the source of phlegm and the lung is the instrument of phlegm storage, so the solution to phlegm is not only to dry dampness and phlegm, but also to eliminate the source of phlegm. Tangerine peel is a medicine that treats both symptoms and root causes, not only dampness and phlegm, but also phlegm.Dried tangerine or orange peel, zhejiang fritillary zhejiang fritillary 2 is a clear lung expectorant drugs, many people doubt, the spleen is phlegmy source, we can the spleen and stomach is directly, is of course not, because first of all, we is not only the storage containers of phlegm, lung and breathing, adjust the action of fluid, phlegm in the lung can affect the function of lung, we speak the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine, can’t attend,So to reduce phlegm, to clear lung, runfei.In addition, Thunberg fritillary bulb has the function of dispersing and aggregating, and also has a good effect on the nodules and hyperplasia caused by mutual knot of phlegm and blood stasis.Zhejiang fritillary 3, pinellia pinellia qing qing is referred to as “the effective medicine warms cold phlegm” regulate basic essential cold phlegm, wen, for this kind of clear color white cold phlegm effect is good, especially pinellia tuber with zhejiang fritillary bulb, a WenHan sputum, fever and, cold phlegm heat phlegm can be applied, in addition, xin qing pinellia, fights, to the intangible junction formation of phlegm and blood stasis, nodules, hyperplasia has very good function.Tangerine 4, finally, blindly tangerine bitter sweet zizhuang, can be cold and wet phlegm, cough, help you solve the problem of phlegm sheng, and tangerine has a very good appetizer eating effect, for poor appetite caused by phlegm dampness block, eating less has a very good effect.Pummelo peel to summarize, if often phlegm, sputum is thin, cold phlegm, there are always spit, today teach you four taste traditional Chinese medicine is tie-in, can dry wet phlegm, not only solve the problem of phlegm, spleen, strengthen the metabolism of wet phlegm, phlegm fights, nodules, hyperplasia, abdominal obesity, facial hair oil, if you have more questions, might as well collect reference!Phlegm problem solved, some friends still want to know how to deal with the humidity, about to wet, you can see my micro headlines 2022-02-08, there is a way.If you don’t understand, leave a message.There is also a point, fritillaria and pinellia with aconite, aconite drugs belong to the 18 anti traditional Chinese medicine, can not be used together, we should remember.