DNF: Enter “Magic Shoulder”!The first exorcism retro play, a Z skill second card like

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“The exorcist eight dou, B uncle exclusive one stone, other exorcism owe uncle B two bucket”, this sentence, explained the first exorcism B tertiary professional status, rely on their own, will “water flooding” onto the altar, after “kaitian axe”, uncle B and creates a “Z” all the magic war flow style restoring ancient ways, make people exclaim.# underground city and warrior # 01 kaitian an axe an unsurpassed DNF first uncle exorcism B, the height of the use of exorcism professional understanding, using superb technique, and refused to SanJiao courage and determination, with “2 pieces of 7, 8, 8 pieces of change is red 14 weapons, 15 jade earrings, 12% skill damage to ward off bad luck” collocation, with amazing “kaitian ax series”,A two – sleep skills second allard all monsters, as long as a hatchet appears, there is no second not strange, the visual effect is very exaggerated, the first exorcism hatchet becomes a good talk, the first exorcism also won the title of “Pangu”.02 Ozma was played by Uncle B out of the flower New Spring version, the new double supreme, and the new Spring collection box, the appearance of rare weapons, role damage greatly improved, the first exorcist Uncle B, seize this opportunity, at the end of the 100 level version, crazy challenge Ozma, broke several first records:”Single player 0 ox Ozma, single player 3 ox Kazan, single + dragon 3 Ox Ozma”, each challenge is to complete the countdown seconds, are the ultimate operation.03 “Z fighters” reappearance arad, perhaps, the first uncle exorcism B tired of “kaitian axe” luxury and jing, began to return to the origin, low-key way, took out a dusty years of battle suit, then match the sorcerer’s stone “real man” and “Z skills are almost 3 times”, use of exorcism xu li clearance, cut, take medicine, monkey show, makes the flow of restoring ancient ways is the “magic war Z fighters”,What is the effect?Let’s take a look at uncle B’s uncanny performance.Series B a Z “04” all seconds uncle and his “little tiger” his team-mates, after “kaitian axe”, and brought water friends “all a Z” performance, surprise, it is difficult to control the excitement, uncle B choose challenge ozma phase three big Boss, coefficient of difficulty are 2 cows, uncle and his team at B under the close cooperation,A Z second for Belias, a Z second for Taimat, and finally, even a Z second for Kazan. Unbelievable.Level 05110 Magic Battle 2.0 return first exorcist B, why will think of the “Z fighter” gameplay?This has been eliminated from the genre, it turns out, level 110 version, Yin has engineered a new suit:Attack set “, “magic war 2.0 includes holographic dodecahedron is the philosopher’s stone”, the belt with the stars, colorless stud earrings, roam the earth boots, ionization bracelet, black cat lying shoulder, eroded rational bottoms, fuzzy knowledge left slot “eight units, and are to strengthen the attack, a colorless skills, proficient base”,The basic attack enhancement rate is 10 times that of the magic shoulder, which is called “Magic 2.0” by the players. The first exorcist reviews the Z fighter gameplay in advance, just wants to develop “new gameplay of Magic 2.0” in the 110-level version.06 Summary The first exorcism B uncle, in “single pick 0 ox Ozma, single pick 3 ox Kazan” after, again use prehistory power, with “Z fighter” play, challenge ozma a stage, has successfully completed the “one Z second stage three knights” feat, the next step, this will not be a Z second Ozma!I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.