Wuhan scenic spots actively respond to snow warnings

2022-06-11 0 By

According to the weather forecast, Wuhan will see heavy snowstorm from January 27 to 28.In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of scenic spots to learn that the current scenic spots are actively carrying out safety checks, emergency supplies and other work, and organize the implementation of various emergency plans, to ensure the safe and orderly operation of scenic spots under rain and snow weather.In order to cope with the upcoming snowfall, scenic spots such as Ziwei Urban Garden, Hua Bo Hui, Jiuzhen Mountain, Mulan Grassland, Mulan Township, Hua Chao River Bay, Wuhan Wildlife Kingdom and Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park have taken relevant measures recently.On the one hand, all scenic spots carry out safety inspection work, for the road venues, water and electricity pipelines, play facilities, safety facilities and other investigations and maintenance, reduce the rain and snow weather hidden dangers;On the other hand, a number of scenic spots have carried out emergency supplies reserve work, industrial salt, shovels and other snow removal antifreeze supplies and food, cold items and other supplements, to ensure the normal operation of rain and snow weather.Related scenic spots have also made preparations for the winter of animals. Wuhan Wildlife Kingdom has taken measures such as setting up cold shelters and opening floor heating for animals, and improved food and energy supply. The indoor venues of Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park keep a constant temperature of around 20℃.”To ensure the maximum operation of the scenic spot to ensure the safety of tourists.”In the interview, a number of scenic spots are responsible for all said that they will strictly implement the emergency plan to deal with the snow weather.After the snowfall, relevant scenic spots will organize snow clearing and melting work, set up safety tips in key parts and arrange staff to carry out inspections, and will organize emergency teams and rescue equipment in advance to deal with possible emergencies.At the same time, related scenic areas will also take restrictions on outdoor play areas and facilities, ziwei Urban Garden, Mulan Flower village, Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park and other attractions will be temporarily closed due to the snow situation.”If the snow reaches 10 centimeters, the park will be closed.”Similar to Mulan Township scenic area, in order to cope with the possible heavy snowfall and ensure the safety of tourists, all scenic areas will also take temporary measures to close the park according to the emergency plan and snow amount.Since January 25, mulan water town, Jinli ditch, Magnolia Valley and other scenic spots have announced that they are temporarily closed during this round of snow.”Fairy Tale Town” in snow (file photo).Hua Bo hui scenic area for the figure of snow after the South will also leave different scenery and play experience in various scenic areas, in order to ensure the safe operation of the scenic area at the same time, a number of scenic areas also issued to the majority of tourists to enjoy the snow play snow invitation.In crape Myrtle Urban Garden, visitors can enjoy snowball fights, make snowmen, take photos and punch cards in designated areas.In Huabaohui, visitors can walk into the “fairy tale world” in the flower town of Floy after snow, but also appreciate the marigold, violets, daisies and other colorful flowers in full bloom;Visitors can also enjoy summer in the 23℃ “Tropical ocean Current” under the submarine tunnel of Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park, and feel the strong smell of the New Year in the snow Lantern Festival in Mulan Township…At the same time, each scenic spot will also provide hot water and cold supplies, so that tourists warm their hearts and swim in the snow.A number of scenic spots remind the majority of tourists, travel under rain and snow weather please understand the weather and scenic notice in advance, avoid extreme weather to the scenic spot.In the process of enjoying snow, tourists should comply with the safety requirements of the scenic spot, do a good job of their own cold insulation and epidemic protection, and feel the beauty of winter snow in jiangcheng orderly and safely.(Changjiang Daily reporter Li Xinyu)