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Even if only “small”, also can do their own life “big hero”.▲ In the movie, the extra actor “Wei Chenggong” is deceived by the “big star Milan” to play the male lead “killer Carl”.Figure/film this killer is not too cool stills article | from yi “the killer is not very calm on the fourth row piece, but up to 50% attendance, won the third place on the first day box office.On the second day of the lunar New Year, The Killer came to the second place, second only to the children’s film Boonie Bears Return to Earth, and second only to the Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake.The no. 1 film for the Spring Festival season belongs to “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake,” which is undisputed;The battle for second place has also been settled, with The Professional coming from behind.▲ A still from the film The Killer Is Not Too Cool.”The Professional” is a counterattack both because comedy is always in demand during the Chinese New Year holiday and because it is also a movie about everyone — a supporting role, a typical nobody.The film, adapted from The Magic Hour by Japanese comedy master Tokiki Miya, received 8.3 points on relevant platforms.The Killer is not Too Cool retains the essence of the book, though it doesn’t innovate, but it doesn’t flip over.The movie is set in an overhead setting.Big star Milan, because spread on the thing to be chased after by sinister gang, want to find top class killer Karl only, sinister gang puts her a horse.Milan does not know Karl at all, she thought of a way: cheat the walk-on actor Wei Chenggong, that is to shoot a film, let him play the leading role — killer Karl.Wei chenggong believed it.Into the play too deep he really thought that is in taking a play, with the identity of the killer into the real gang, into a dangerous, and wonderful like the danger……”Identity dislocation” and “fake”, made a lot of jokes.In addition to comedy, The Killer is also a film about the plight of the little guy.Wei chenggong was an unsuccessful walk-on actor who had been playing supporting roles for many years.But he has a sincere love of acting, always to the actor’s high standards of strict requirements of their own.His compare true and obstinate, let him and whole environment be antithetical, the person of play crew is often done by Wei Chenggong madden, also look down on him.In fact, whether acting, or other professions, the dazzling “leading role” has always been a minority, the vast majority of people are obscure “supporting role”, not only Wei successful “unsuccessful”, we may also be the secular sense of “unsuccessful”.There are two choices in front of everyone: it is to eat and wait for death, muddle along when a lifetime “supporting role”;Or maintain the original intention, perseverance, toward the “leading role” of the target impact;Or, even if it is a “supporting role”, also want to be a good “leading role” in their own life, do not forget the dream, do not waste time?Wei successfully chose the latter.Persistence and love, kindness and courage, so that this little person seems ridiculous behavior, also has a moving background.Not only do they remind us of other characters in movies and TV dramas, such as Yin Tianchou, who plays “I am an actor” in The King of Comedy;It also reminds us of those little people in real life who do not succumb to fate and strive to realize themselves, such as the fish vendor who becomes a painter in the social news, and the hero in the doctoral dissertation speech that is popular in the media from time to time…Even “The Killer is not too calm” male number one Wei Xiang, itself is from the “supporting role” step by step to the “leading role”.Audiences may not know Wei xiang’s name after seeing him in films such as “The Richest Man in Xihong city” and “Hello, Li Huanying.”The Easter egg of the film is Wei Xiang’s thanks at the end of the production, holding flowers and with tears in his eyes, he thanked the director for giving him the opportunity, because it was his first leading role in more than 20 years of acting.Wei Xiang was a supporting actor in the movie The Richest Man in Hong Kong.Photo/A still of the movie “The Richest man in Xihong City”, which resonates in and out of the play and delivers positive power to the audience.Success is very important, but not every persistence will lead to “success”, just as not every “supporting role” of effort will become “leading role”.But those who dare not dream, forget their original purpose, and are unwilling to stick to it, will hardly win the favor of the goddess of success.Adhere to, not necessarily successful, give up, the probability of success is lower.And, even if it is only a small person, even if it is only a “supporting role”, do not have to self-pity, self-doubt, adhere to the dream, hard work, choose good, small people can achieve a better life.Staff writer | from yi (media) to edit | | ding hui intern WeiYingZi proofreading | king heart