The fall of the New Township Falcon Trio

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Yan Xiaotian, a native of Huixian County, Xinxiang, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2014 for poaching a bird, which shocked the country, but he played a supporting role rather than a leading role in the case.The lower left corner of Yang Kun is Yang Kun, a native of Xinxiang Huixian County. Xinxiang police took him from Yang Kun’s home, including a large number of wild animals, on March 2, 2021.Now, Yang Kun’s case has been investigated and the Xinxiang People’s Procuratorate has filed a public prosecution to the court. Yang Kun should be sentenced after 2022.Yan Xiaotian, Yang Kun and Yang Kun’s wife were all college classmates and veterinarians.According to the information, since Yan Xiaotian was imprisoned in 2014, Yang Kun, a teacher from the same family, has inherited yan xiaotian’s role, and has been engaged in wildlife poaching, purchasing and selling.Even if Yang Kun’s wife did not participate in poaching, even if she had fed poached wild animals, she was also suspected of shielding and a very difficult to understand charge: “covering up, concealing the proceeds of crime, the proceeds of crime.”Moreover, April is Yang Kun’s wife’s due date.The picture above is Chen Geng, the non-material cultural heir of Xinxiang falconry, who is the protagonist of this article.On December 30, 2021, Chen Was reported for poaching raptors and using raptors to hunt wild animals.A civil servant from xinxiang Culture and Tourism Bureau and a reporter from Henan Radio and TELEVISION were also reported to have filmed the poaching scene with Chen.Xinxiang police have registered the investigation of Chen Geng, so far, Xinxiang falcon three help collapse.This case is a profound lesson, xinxiang Cultural tourism Bureau intangible Cultural Heritage Center for poaching endorsement, leading to Yan Xiaotian bold poaching trade birds of prey, and Yan Xiaotian was sentenced to 11 years, still can not deter Yang Kun.Therefore, only law enforcement can effectively combat ecological damage.In this article, volunteers of China Green Development Association praise xinxiang police, show respect for their strict law enforcement spirit, and wish them a happy New Year!Volunteers have a natural respect for the administrative departments of the government, and active law enforcement will be respected from the bottom of their hearts.Instead of putting on AIRS like Wang Guopeng, playing official, but let the respect of the people suddenly zero.China Green Development Association will continue to follow up the case, real-time report.Is henan Xinxiang Intangible Heritage falconry promoting traditional culture or promoting illegal hunting?| the volunteer henan xinxiang intangible eagle hunters is to carry forward the traditional culture or promote illegal hunting?| the volunteer tao wild bird sentenced to ten years,Corruption and sentenced to eight years in one hundred million | | the most professional comments come out bird was sentenced to ten years of classmates 闫啸 day I miss you suspected of poaching for a long time to buy or sell wild animals by investigation in henan university students “tao” was sentenced to 10 years his father:Bribes for retrial | tao birds _ sina news – anyang cultural and natural conference – – green anyang ecological environmental protection associationChina Green Development Association Anyang Volunteer Group — China Green Development Association Ancient Tree Protection Site · Anyang — China Green Development Association Ancient Glandular-willow Protection site · Sanxiao — China Green Development Association Black stork Protection site · Zhanghe Valley — China Platyclus protection Site · Taihang Mountain shen Wangping