The black ducks sang to warm up the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Dream of ice and snow, together to the future.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was held at the National Stadium on the evening of February 4, 2022.The Chinese civilization and the Olympic Movement joined hands once again, playing a magnificent movement of solidarity, peace and friendship for all mankind.The national Stadium, famous for its bird’s Nest shape, was illuminated at night, becoming the first stadium in the world to host the opening ceremonies of both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.Sports are an important symbol of social development and human progress, and the Olympic Games are the common wealth of all mankind.Under the banner of Wuhuan, athletes of different regions and colors gather in the same arena, and people of different races and beliefs are committed to the same dream.To create a carrier of peace and friendship for mankind, which is the glory of the Olympic Movement;The value of the Olympic Games is to build a bridge of dialogue and exchange for the world.Over the course of more than 100 years, the International Olympic Movement has played a positive role in promoting all-round human development, enhancing friendship among people of all countries and promoting world peace, development and progress.On February 4, the Olympic spirit transcends national boundaries and is deeply rooted in the hearts of people all over the world. The Olympic Games have not only become an important stage for athletes from all countries to realize their glory and dreams, but also an important platform for people of all countries to enhance understanding and deepen friendship.The song Jasmine Flower, as a classic Chinese folk song, originated from Flower Diao, which was sung for a hundred years in Nanjing Liuhe Folk song. It was composed by he Fangcai, a composer in the military, from the compilation of liuhe folk songs. In 1957, the song and lyrics were arranged.This Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony warm up song selected by the musician He Qi adaptation, black Duck group (Zhang Jixin, Yang Mingqi, Bi Changrong) singing version, the version set pop, bel Canto, sound in one, give the audience a fresh and new feeling.This is the moment to convey passion and dream, this is the moment to show courage and strength, this is the moment to express struggle and unity, let us all wish the Chinese athletes achieve excellent results in this Winter Olympic Games, wish our great motherland more prosperity!Let’s go to the future together!