Zhuge Liang made a mistake before his death, which made shu Han miss a general

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When it comes to the wise men of The Three Kingdoms period, most people immediately think of Zhuge Liang. As the strategist in the early period of Shu Han group and the prime minister in the middle and late period, Zhuge Liang’s image is almost perfect.After coming out of the mountains, liu Bei fully displayed his talent in both heaven and earth, making liu Bei, who had been wandering everywhere, become a hegemon step by step to compete with Cao Cao and Sun Quan.But Zhuge Liang was a human being, and he also made mistakes.Before Zhuge Liang was about to die, he did not trust the Shu Han group, arranged a series of matters after his death, to ensure that the Shu Han group can continue to run smoothly.His biggest a mistake, arranged a villain namely superior, still let Shu Han for this loss of a general.The little man was Yang Yi, and the general was Wei Yan, the main force of the late Shu Han Dynasty.In front of Zhuge Liang, these two men were his right-hand men, who shared a lot of pressure for Zhuge Liang.In the novel The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Wei Yan is portrayed as a powerful general with a sharp mind and a bitter heart. After Zhuge Liang’s death, Wei Yan was killed by Ma Dai because he wanted to seize power.However, In history, Wei Yan was a loyal general of Shu Han, and Zhuge Liang held him in high esteem.Although we are more familiar with general Five Tigers, Wei Yan’s valor is not bad. His biggest problem lies not in his talent but in his character.Although Wei Yan was brave and made outstanding achievements on the battlefield, he held himself very high. He was fierce and arrogant. He often ignored his subordinates and sometimes even looked down upon his colleagues.As a result, not many people in the Shu Han group liked Wei Yan. The only one who could defeat Wei Yan and convince him was Zhuge Liang in the late Shu Han.During the northern Expedition, Wei Yan always followed Zhuge Liang to the north to participate in the war, which fully shows Zhuge Liang’s recognition of Wei Yan’s valor.But Wei Yan was bad-tempered, so Zhuge Liang did not let him lead the army alone.Wei Yan’s proposal of ziwugu was not accepted by Zhuge Liang.For him, a safe northern expedition was the best plan.He could not lead the army alone, and the plan was not adopted, which caused some gap between Wei Yan and Zhuge Liang.Although Yang Yi was a civil servant, his personality was similar to Wei Yan’s. They were both straightforward and he dared to speak frankly even when facing his superiors.At first Yang Yi was the chief secretary of Jingzhou, but later he took refuge with Guan Yu and joined the Shu Han group.After the loss of Jingzhou, Yang Yi returned to Chengdu and was appreciated by Zhuge Liang, who promoted him to the position of Shang Shu and made Yang Yi his right-hand man to participate in the northern expedition.As colleagues in the army, the two have a fierce temper, naturally, there is no friction in the process, but because there is Zhuge Liang in charge of the army, so although they have contradictions, but also did not make anything out of the ordinary.During the fifth Northern Expedition, Zhuge Liang’s health was deteriorating day by day, and the struggle for power between Wei Yan and Yang Yi began gradually.Fearing internal strife, Zhuge Liang finally decided to side with Yang Yi.Before he died, he secretly summoned Yang Yi, Jiang Wei and others and told them that wei Yan should be terminated when his army withdrew. If wei Yan did not obey the military order, Yang Yi could do it by himself.After The death of Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan, who had refused to obey Yang Yi, refused to retreat. He believed that the northern expedition could not be abandoned because of one person, and the army could still go north.In the end, a fierce conflict broke out between the two sides, and Wei Yan was beheaded by Ma Dai and then killed by Yang Yi.After Wei Yan was killed, Yang Yi thought that he could be as powerful as the prime minister and manage the affairs of the court alone, but he did not expect that During Zhuge Liang’s lifetime, he trusted the affairs of the state to Jiangwan, who was more stable.Yang yi, who felt unfairly treated, began to complain, and when the story reached the Central court, he was demoted to a civilian and exiled to a remote place.However, after being demoted, Yang Yi still did not repent, and continued to write fiercely, slandering the court officials.Finally, the imperial court sent people to arrest Yang Yi and put him on trial. Yang Yi chose to commit suicide after learning the news. The imperial court put his family back to Shu because he had made contributions to shu Han.Before his death, Zhuge Liang must have never thought that he would choose the wrong successor.If Wei Yan had not been killed, Jiang Wei would have had another general around him.During Zhuge Liang’s northern expedition, guan Xing, Zhang Bao, Wei Yan and other generals were not lacking. Although Jiang Wei inherited Zhuge Liang’s legacy, he could not make bricks without straw. Jiang Wei was proficient in civil affairs and military affairs, but he had few available talents, which was one of the reasons why he was defeated more than won in the later northern expedition.It can be said that this decision was a mistake of Zhuge Liang’s life, but even so, it did not affect his position in people’s hearts. After all, after Liu Bei’s death, he single-handedly held up the future of Shu Han. If Zhuge Liang had not devoted all his efforts, I am afraid that Shu Han would have been destroyed faster.