The sixth day of the lunar New Year “send poor ghost”, remember to eat 5, do 4 things, fortune drive poor everything

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The Chinese New Year is made up of many traditions and expressions. From the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month to the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month, almost every day has its own traditions and legends. Just because there are so many traditions and expressions, the Chinese New Year is full of flavor.In the myth of our country, Nu Wa created a horse on the sixth day, so the day is also known as “horse day”, horse is a special favorite animal, so the sixth day also has the implication of “horse to success”.Which is also the son of one of the legends of ancient three sovereigns ZhuanYu the birth of “the poor”, because it is being sloppy, and dirty let people don’t want to close to, so called “the poor”, people are not willing to see which day “off”, so to try every means to put it away, hence the people the “send off”.Annual people is a very important day, because the base on which day is finished, we began to prepare for the New Year’s work and life, many people will set foot on the return road home, also have a lot of business units and began to open, so the day to remember to eat five samples, as well as the 4 thing well done, meaning in the New Year can drive poor so easy.1. Eat deep-fried dough sticks: Deep-fried dough sticks expand after frying, which means to get rich and shun. On the sixth day, people begin to prepare for work and business matters.Eating orange: The homonym of orange is “lucky child”. On the sixth day, as the beginning and beginning of a new work year, people hope to get a “good luck”, so eating an orange on this day has the good meaning of auspiciousness and auspiciousness.3. Eat noodles: “get on the car dumplings get off the face”, the sixth day of the people who go home for the Spring Festival have basically returned to the city, this just get off to eat a bowl of noodles, with the help of noodles “all” take a good journey and the New Year work everything smoothly, this is also very necessary.4. Eat grapefruit: grapefruit harmonics is “the wanderer”, which many people left their return to their jobs, the eat a grapefruit, the significance of the smooth and don’t forget to home crowds, and grapefruit has a natural “canned fruit” of reputation, rich in vitamin C and a variety of trace elements, is much more suitable for big fish big meat to eat during the Chinese New Year after the greasy food.Eat dumplings: for people in the north, as long as it is a festival, there is no not a meal of dumplings can not be solved, the form of dumplings ingot, for the sixth day will go out for people, this dumpling is “farewell dumplings”, also indicates that can have a good journey.Annual people to do four things 1. Send the poor: annual which day to throw in the home and abandoned old, this is also known as “poor”, many places to send poor pay attention to make just the benmingnian child in the home, also is 12 years old children to throw, because just at the beginning of 12 and liuhe is three and six, so moral a lucky.2. Cleaning: On the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, people should clean their homes inside and outside, because poor ghosts like to go to dirty places, so they dare not come to the door after cleaning.And the sixth day will be ready to open the business, so also want to clean the shop, in order to open the money to welcome visitors.New Year’s greetings to colleagues and customers: the sixth day regardless of whether to work or not, to colleagues and customers New Year’s greetings, because the sixth day to the basic even finished, this time to meet with colleagues and customers, so the sixth day to colleagues and customers New Year’s greetings, in order to enhance each other’s feelings, but also conducive to the development of the New Year’s work.4. Go out and walk: The sixth day pay attention to go out and walk all the way, so that the road is smooth, and during the Chinese New Year, we generally stay at home, also need to do activities, go out and walk to feel the fresh air.The sixth day of the lunar New Year “send poor ghost”, is also people’s yearning for a better life in the New Year, after all, Chinese New Year pay attention to some customs and traditions, so as to make our year interesting, so remember to eat good 5, do 4 things, fortune drive poor figure everything.