Super Lotto 22020 has 3 consecutive winners and 3 first prizes in Henan and Chongqing

2022-06-10 0 By

Life is full of things that go against your wishes, and few things that go as you wish. The best things come when you expect nothing.The sports Lottery super Lottery 22020 drawing results have come out, let’s take a look at this issue of the lottery specific drawing situation.Take a look at whether luck has come to your side?The winning numbers of this period are: 16, 17, 30, 31, 35+08, 09. The former area and the latter area add up to open 3 groups of double number, it is really rare!The parity ratio of front area numbers was 3:2, and odd numbers were dominant.The size ratio was 3 to 2, with the larger dominant;There are two groups of serial number 16, 17 and 30, 31 in the front area. At the same time, the two groups of serial number 16, 17, 30 and 31 are small series in the previous article to remind everyone to focus on this issue. Interested friends can go to the home page after paying attention to Penglai Tavern.The rear area is also a group of serial numbers 08 and 09, corresponding to the two zodiac signs of Wei Yang and Shen Monkey, 08 missing 16 intervals, 09 missing 1 interval.08 has been opened 7 times in the last 50;09 has been issued 15 times in the past 50 issues, especially the last 7 issues are issued once at an interval, showing a strong trend.The first prize of the 22020 Big Lotto has issued 73 bets, with a basic bonus of 10 million yuan for each bet. One of the bets is an additional bet, with an additional bonus of 8 million yuan.Sixty-five bets were made for the second prize, with a basic bonus of 216,655 yuan per bet, of which 25 were additional bets of 173,324 yuan per bet.Henan and Chongqing won the first prize.After the current drawing, the super Lotto pool accumulated 1.103 billion.No matter what we have to face today, since we have come to this step, struggle on, give yourself some affirmation, we must be stronger than you imagine.Some people say don’t complain too much, because life is now, such as people drinking water is good.Hope friends rational purchase color, regardless of winning or not to maintain a normal heart to treat!There are so many more important things in life to strive for!Dear lottery friends, please move your fingers to make a fortune, welcome to like, pay attention to and collect, thank you for your support, what do you think of the recent super lottery drawing?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, let us brainstorm together, collision out of the spark of luck, maybe one day xiaobian will bring lucky news to your side.