No new cases were reported in Shenzhen on February 7.Two new imported cases and one asymptomatic case were reported

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From 0 to 24:00 on February 7, there were two confirmed cases imported from abroad and one asymptomatic case in Shenzhen.The two imported cases, both Chinese nationals, entered Shenzhen from Hong Kong on February 6 and 7. After arriving in Shenzhen, they were placed under closed-loop management and then transferred to Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital for isolation and treatment. They are in stable condition.An asymptomatic imported patient was an Indian national. After entering China on February 6, the patient was transferred to Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital for treatment in isolation and is in stable condition.Shenzhen: primary and secondary schools in the city kindergarten school time delayed until February 21, shenzhen COVID – 19 pandemic control headquarters office notice (4) for further precise scientific implementation of epidemic prevention and control, based on the current epidemic situation, zhuhai announced regarding the disease prevention and control measures as follows: a, strengthen to deep personnel health management (return).(1) Those who have traveled to or returned to Shenzhen from medium-high risk areas and cities with local positive cases in the past 14 days must report to their communities, work units or hotels as soon as possible;(2) The “four-one” health management and “14-day self-health monitoring” shall be carried out for the personnel who have traveled to or returned to Shenzhen within the past 14 days (the “four-one” health management includes one health notice, one health inquiry, one health code examination and one nucleic acid test);(3) Before returning to Shenzhen, people from outside the city are advised to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;For those not proved, a Novel coronavirus nucleic acid test shall be completed within 24 hours after setting depth and self-health monitoring shall be strengthened.(iv) Timely inquiry of personnel management policies to Shenzhen.To deep (return) personnel prior to query about the policy (including travel transport policy), specifically through the website of “the people’s government of guangdong province” “shenzhen travel epidemic prevention policy, WeChat” client “of the State Council small program (” around the prevention and control policy” – “in shenzhen” to query) release around the epidemic prevention and control policy, the Chinese government network, daily updated dynamically adjusted.2. Health declaration for personnel coming to (returning to) Shenzhen.Before departure, all people coming to or returning to Shenzhen should declare their travel and health through the platform of “Sheni You-Independent Declaration” (search the mini program “Sheni You-Independent Declaration” on wechat).Third, strengthen the management of students’ return to school and health monitoring.The return time of primary and secondary school (kindergarten) students in the city has been postponed to February 21, 2022;The time for college students to return to school will be determined by the municipal Campus Special Class for Epidemic Prevention and Control.All students are required to carry out self-health monitoring for 14 days before returning to school, and return to school with a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours;Schools should strengthen the monitoring of students’ health.Fourth, strengthen the health management of personnel in government organs, enterprises and institutions.All government organs, enterprises and public institutions should urge their personnel to take the initiative to declare their Spring Festival itinerary when returning to Shenzhen, implement health management, and return to their posts with 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificates.Fifth, strict traffic travel prevention and control.Airports, highways, railways, ports and wharves should strictly implement the prevention and control requirements, such as temperature detection, bright code, wearing masks, and strictly prohibit people with red and yellow code from boarding, and strengthen the guidance of people flow to avoid crowds gathering.Urban public transport, taxis and online taxi hailing have taken strict prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks, ventilation and disinfection, and taking good personal protection measures.6. Strictly control gathering activities.The city strictly controlled large-scale meetings, activities, forums, training, performances, exhibitions and sales promotions and other gathering activities. Baoan District suspended large-scale gathering activities.7. Strengthen prevention and control in key places.All kinds of public places in the city strictly implement temperature measurement, bright code, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures, scenic spots, catering units, indoor public places, closed places implement limits, reservations, peak shifting requirements, the number of consumers should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, and strictly control the instantaneous flow.Among them, Bao ‘an District is implemented in accordance with notice no. 4 of Shenzhen Bao ‘an District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters Office (2022) issued on February 2, 2022.8. Strictly implement grid management.Strengthen the enclosing management of community, strengthen bayonet inspection;Community, supermarkets, office buildings, stores and other places should strictly implement temperature measurement, bright code, wearing masks and other prevention and control measures.Ix. Enterprises receiving international goods and express mails shall fulfill their main responsibilities.Strengthen disinfection and staff health management;All personnel who are engaged in contact with international cargo and express mail must take strict personal protective measures, such as wearing masks and gloves, and take nucleic acid tests on a regular basis.10. Strict management of separation from depth.It is not necessary for the general public to stay at the depth, and if it is necessary to leave the depth, they must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;Party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and public institutions, etc., take the lead in implementing the requirements on non-essential matters.Xi. Do a good job in personal protection.Adhere to wash hands frequently, clean frequently, use chopsticks and other good living habits, implement “temperature measurement, light code, wear masks” prevention and control measures;If you have any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell, etc., see a doctor at the nearest place immediately. Wear a mask during the whole journey and avoid taking public transportation.12. Set up a hotline for consultation.The Hotline 12345 of the Shenzhen municipal government has set up a special post for epidemic prevention and control to receive telephone consultations on epidemic prevention and control.This circular shall come into force as of the date of promulgation. In case of any inconsistency between this Circular and office Circular of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (No.2) and Office Circular of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (No.3) previously issued, this circular shall prevail.The above prevention and control measures will be dynamically adjusted according to the progress of the epidemic and the needs of prevention and control.Office of Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters 7 February 2022Preliminary judgment this overseas input caused by the local epidemic outbreaks of epidemic prevention and control in shenzhen on February 7th news conference, shenzhen WeiJianWei secondary inspector Lin Hancheng introduces, at present, the city center for disease control and prevention has completed cases 1-14 will be coronavirus genome sequencing, the sequencing results are Mr Mick Dijon mutant (BA). 1 evolutionary branch).The novel Coronavirus sequences of cases 1-5 and 7-12 were highly homologous to those of case 1.Homology of cases 6 and 13 could not be determined due to low viral load and low sequencing coverage.Novel coronavirus gene sequencing and homology analysis of the other cases are in progress.By comparison, the source of case 1 was different from many domestic omicron cases previously found in China, and the virus sequence of the recent imported case in Shenzhen was also different, and it was 100% homologous with some genome sequences uploaded to the global database.According to the genetic test results of the epidemiological investigation, it is preliminarily concluded that this outbreak is a local one caused by imported coronavirus, and there is a high possibility of infection caused by exposure to novel coronavirus contamination abroad.For the 16 cases found in this round of epidemic, relevant departments in urban areas are comprehensively tracing their activities and contacts within 14 days.All the tracked secret contacts and secondary secret contacts have been controlled according to the requirements. The secret contacts and secondary secret contacts involved in outdoor have been sent a letter of assistance for control.At present, the work place and residence of all the cases have been controlled, and nucleic acid sampling and terminal disinfection have been carried out in key places where they have been active.Continue to strengthen the investigation and management of key groups of general contacts in accordance with the principle of full inspection.The number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has hit a new high as the fifth wave of COVID-19 continues.The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) announced on The afternoon of February 7 that as of midnight on February 7, there had been 614 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, including 607 locally confirmed cases.Both figures were the largest increase in a single day since the outbreak.The Director of the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), Mr Tsui Lok Kin, announced that due to the severe epidemic situation in Hong Kong and the increasing number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong, the community isolation facility in Penny’s Bay will be put into operation from February 8, and the Ju On Anti-epidemic Programme will be launched on the same day.Source: Shenzhen Health Commission