Biden was disappointed when Wang Received a distinguished guest on the second day of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

2022-06-10 0 By

As we all know, since the Beijing Winter Olympics came into view, western countries, led by the United States, have often made trouble here, including but not limited to taking words out of context and making things out of nothing.However, in the current situation, all the means are ineffective, as evidenced by the arrival of many international dignitaries.Recently, something unexpected happened to Biden when State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi reportedly welcomed an important guest on the day after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Beijing on February 5, the second day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, according to Chinese media.According to reports, During the meeting, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Mr. Secretary-general’s special trip to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games shows the UN’s support for the Winter Olympic Games and the importance it attaches to China’s cooperation with the UN.We believe that with the concerted efforts of all parties, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be a complete success and fulfill the solemn promise of presenting a simple, safe and splendid sports event to the world.In this regard, Guterres praised China’s contribution to upholding multilateralism and participating in peacekeeping operations.Clearly, something unexpected has happened to the Biden administration.America is up to something again?In addition, it should be noted that one day before The meeting between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Guterres, the US media published an interesting article on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.According to, the title of the article is full of malicious phrases such as “an athlete with a Uygur name” and “provocative choice”.In response, some netizens on social media asked, “What is an athlete with a Uighur name?”What do you mean aggressive?It is worth mentioning that when the US media were making trouble, an American journalist stood up and publicly disgraced the Biden administration.According to media reports, NBC journalist David Guthrie said the inclusion of Uighur athletes in the ceremony was China’s strong voice and a “direct response” to the West.Unfortunately, the anchor was immediately condemned by the media and related people, saying that he had received benefits from China and was serving China.So far, the Beijing Olympics are going in a direction the Biden administration didn’t expect.Under such circumstances, one thing to be warned is that the Winter Olympics, as a world sports event, is beyond its control. It must stop politicizing the Olympics as soon as possible, or it will be a self-inflicted pain.And fill these gaps