The Peugeot 408 is proving to be a quality car

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Recently, Dongfeng Peugeot Peugeot 408 models won the domestic authority – China automotive technology research Center Hua Cheng certification center issued “CN95 health cabin – fresh air cabin (A)” certification mark.The Peugeot 408, which has always provided customers with high-quality car experience, won the award for its safe and environmentally friendly cabin with healthy and fresh air, which not only interprets Dongfeng Peugeot’s unremitting pursuit of high quality, but also conveys dongfeng Peugeot’s “customer-centric” brand concept.China Automobile Research Huacheng certification Center is currently the only domestic “car class CN95 air filter” certification authority, but also the mandatory product certification body designated by the CnCA.Among them, C stands for “Car”, N95 stands for medical N95 mask level filtering effect, and “CATARC CN95” certification is also the current Z-high certification of automobile air conditioner filter.This test in addition to the assessment of the vehicle on the external air filtration effect, but also on the vehicle volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones material sampling test, from a more comprehensive perspective, evaluate the vehicle air quality level.The CN95 air conditioner filter used by Peugeot 408 is mainly made of PP+PET non-woven fabric, which can effectively prevent mildew and deodorant, in addition to smoke, dust, pollen and other allergenic substances.According to the test, under the condition of 300m³/h air flow, the filtration efficiency of CN95 air conditioner filter on particles with a diameter of 0.3m reached 96.57%;For PM2.5 particles in the air, the interception efficiency is more than 98%, reaching the level of N95 mask filtering effect, fully in line with the certification standard of “CATARC CN95”.The Peugeot 408, equipped with a standard CN95 air conditioner filter, can further purify the air environment in the car by effectively removing formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases and pathogenic microorganisms in the air. Moreover, it can effectively isolate novel Coronavirus transmission mainly by spitting.In addition to the car standard CN95 air conditioning filter, Peugeot 408 cabin air quality also has a good performance.In the test of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones in the cockpit, the contents of benzene, toluene, styrene and other substances are all lower than the required upper limit.The Peugeot 408’s excellent performance in cabin air tests is due to its long-standing emphasis on health.Dongfeng Peugeot strives for excellence in the selection of cabin materials and installation process as a domestic MAIN engine factory with VOC laboratory.Peugeot 408 car paint, seat materials, side interior board materials, carpet materials and other vehicle interior materials are selected with low volatile environmental protection materials, and reduce the use of adhesives, from the source to eliminate the pollution of harmful substances, effectively reduce the content of formaldehyde and other harmful materials.The 11 kinds of sound insulation cotton used in the car are green environmental protection materials, common in intimate home, bedding, clothing fabrics, so that driving is not only healthy but also more comfortable.A large number of TVOC environmental materials are used in the cockpit.PVC seat skin is made of water-based treatment agent, which can effectively reduce the emission of organic matter.With its attention to detail and quality, the Peugeot 408 elevates in-car environmental management from air health to sensory comfort.In addition to providing users with the ultimate quality of healthy and environmentally friendly cockpit, Peugeot 408’s pursuit of quality also runs through all aspects of the product.As the positioning of a quality life car, Peugeot 408 in the body design everywhere reveals the dynamic elegant French charm, the body outline is simple and clear, the body lines reveal the future science fiction rhythm.The front LED lion eye headlights show sharp temperament, sharp edge.17-inch diamond-cut aluminum alloy rims with five diamond-cut designs make travel more stylish.In the interior part, the LCD instrument adopts embedded LED display, which combines technology and practicality with excellent visual feeling.The 9.7-inch smart touch screen, which includes eight functions including CarPlay, works seamlessly with your phone.In terms of safety quality, Peugeot 408 adopts HLE high-strength body structure, with 70% of the body made of high-strength steel.The steel strength of the key stress parts of the body reaches 1500MPa, which can be comparable to the hardness level of the space shuttle and nuclear submarine, escorting the travel with the core strength.As for intelligent driving control, Peugeot 408 brings more intelligent and convenient driving experience with Peugeot’s unique City Park intelligent parking system, which has three modes: vertical parking, parallel parking, and automatic driving.In terms of power, the Peugeot 408 main pin model adopts a 360THP powertrain, equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged engine, which can output 125kW/250N·m Z power and Z torque with continuous variable valve timing and phase technology.In addition, the 1.6T engine has won the World J-engine Award for eight consecutive years, and has the same level of z-strong surging power and fuel economy.In today’s consumption continues to upgrade, Dongfeng Peugeot to “progressive high quality brand” as its own positioning, in order to create a healthy behavior responsibility, through demanding quality and details, constantly enrich the “new Peugeot” brand definition.The Peugeot 408 by virtue of the car standard CN95 air filter and outstanding cockpit quality, won the CN95 health cockpit certification, dongfeng Peugeot is constantly practicing the concept of “customer-centered” Z good confirmation.In the future, Dongfeng Peugeot will build with better quality, so that more users can enjoy a more environmentally friendly, healthier and safer travel experience under the new French concept.