Spring returns to earth | Spring meets winter Olympics tiger leaps to greet stars

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Square area left neighbor/pen ink painting and calligraphy/Pan Xiao guang/thirteen beans five jue spring (four rhyms) poetry/square area left neighbor (Henan Shangqiu) (a) Purple teng China, ice gather hospitality.Spring meets winter Olympics, tiger jumps warm stars.Magpies call spring, ice flowers dance zi Jun.Snow hunting, the ancient county to find the dream.(3) Different scenery in China, jade tiger asked rare.Ice and snow flowers in full bloom, auspicious glorious flag.(four) ice flowers open freely, red tiger ju high platform.Spring breeze fragrance diffuse, nine domains to send blessing.Note: The Beijing Winter Olympic Games open today, which coincides with the start of spring. We welcome the start of spring with an even greater sense of joy. The year 2022 will be a big year and a happy year for China.February 4, 2022 (start of Spring) seven beautiful spring poems/calligraphy and painting (Qingdao) The sun rises in the morning sun, the front of the court flute call spring.Blue sky infinite bi, waiting for the grey north fly.The beginning of Spring on February 4, 2022 (ancient Style) by Pan Xiaoguan (Laixi, Qingdao) Spring Creek ice melt water clear and cold, hazy mountains willow smoke.Cold wind oblique blowing warm Yang near, xiangyun Ping Shu Fangcao far.The first month of the first month of the year four seven must spring accidentally Yin (tongyun)/thirteen beans (Henan Shangqiu) and the wind and rain wash yu Cold, cui Liu fuyao into the painting plate.Snow – resistant winter plum lost care, flowers qiao Yan.2022.02.04 Editor: Li Huimin li Xunxiu “Qingyanwei Literature” editorial Department