Rain and snow cover over 20 provinces over the weekend!Let’s take a look at the national rain and snow progress chart

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Over the weekend, rain and snow will be widespread in China, covering more than 20 provinces and increasing in intensity.North China and other parts of the north have moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard;Moderate to heavy rain is expected in some parts of the south.China Weather network released the rain and snow progress map to see where the rain and snow.This week, China will continue to see frequent rain and snow, and large-scale precipitation in southern China continues to be “online”.Snow will also increase in northern China from October 10, and parts of northeast and northwest China will be affected by snow today.Over the weekend, the center of snow in north China will “shift” to north China and other places, the National Meteorological Center predicted that Beijing, Tianjin, central and northern Hebei, northern Shanxi, central and southern Parts of Inner Mongolia and other areas have moderate to heavy snow, local snowstorm.Zhou Ying, a weather analyst with The China Weather Network, said the cold air moved east during the day on Saturday, along with water vapor from the south, causing snowfall from central and northern Hebei province to the mountainous areas of Beijing and Tianjin.At night, with the arrival of the shortwave trough, the dynamic conditions in North China strengthened, coupled with the help of easterly winds, the most obvious period of the snowfall process officially opened, among which, central Hebei, central Tianjin and other parts of the snow.On Sunday, dynamic conditions remain strong, while easterly and southerly winds will converge in central Hebei, causing heavy snowfall in parts of northern Shanxi, central and northern Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin.In big cities, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang will start snowfall during the day on Saturday. In Shijiazhuang, snow will start around noon, and the maximum period will appear from afternoon to evening. It will continue to fall on Sunday and stop until the morning of The 14th.Tianjin also began to snow during the day on Saturday, but the maximum period of magnitude may be from Sunday night to the morning of the 14th. The snow will be obvious in the morning of the 14th. Please plan your travel time in advance.At the same time, rain will also intensify in the south, with moderate to heavy rain in parts of Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian, with the main precipitation period from the night of May 12 to the day of May 13.A new round of rain and snow will cover most parts of China over the weekend, but the causes of the rain and snow vary from south to north.Zhou Ying introduced that the recent frequent northern short-wave trough, with the ground easterly water vapor, resulting in snow.This process is characterized by wide snowfall range, long duration and large accumulative snowfall in some areas.In the south, because the southern trough continues to “send water”, the duration of precipitation is long, seamless round after round.North China over the weekend the temperature will “downhill”, there are still haunted by snow next week affected by the snow and the cold air, “downhill” weekend temperature in north China area, Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, the highest temperature yesterday as more than 10 ℃, the weekend two days will be dropped to freezing point up and down rapidly, the public, please pay attention to the timely adjustment of dress, make cold heat preservation measures, beware of a cold,At the same time, attention should be paid to prevent the adverse impact of snow freezing and low temperature and low visibility weather on traffic.In big cities, the highest temperature in Hefei, Wuhan, Changsha, Guiyang and other places was only around 5℃, which made people feel wet and cold. They should pay attention to moistureproof and warmth, and pay attention to traffic safety on rainy days.In the later period, from 14th to 15th, there will still be light snow in central and eastern Inner Mongolia, North China and northeast China.The precipitation in south China decreased and weakened significantly, and the temperature rose.From 16th to 18th, there will be a wide range of rain and snow from west to east in central and eastern China. Please pay attention to the forecast and warning information and take preventive measures.(China Weather Network)