Jiangsu Suzhou: donkey in distress, “blue shield + male peak” police qi rescue!

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About friends on mountaineering play better but police maize to remind everybody to go mountain climbing to pay attention to safety, don’t like the two travelers were trapped in the halfway up the hill last week finally ushered in the short days of rainy weather sunny, coincided with a holiday, travelers to succumb to go cross-country climbing together, the result of two travelers were trapped in the mountains.Wuzhong Public Security bureau books police station after receiving the police, blue Shield rescue team immediately launched rescue, lasted two hours, successfully found two friends and their safety belt down the mountain.The incident after 11 o ‘clock on February 6, two friends climb big jiao Mountain, because the mountain has no road, climb to the cliff, both up and down, stuck in the middle of the mountain, then the police for help.Collection police station received the alarm, immediately organized the blue shield rescue team police, auxiliary police to rescue and notify the fire brigade, but to find the two people stuck in the mountain is very difficult, police while talking with the alarm while climbing, looking for more than half an hour, finally found the mountain “tiny” two people.Police and firefighters immediately from the foot of the mountain to climb up, when climbing to the trapped people there are dozens of meters, because the hillside is too narrow, can not go up again, we have no choice but to suspend the rescue down the mountain.Later, the police contacted the xiongfeng emergency rescue team, when the rescue team came, two people have been trapped for nearly 2 hours, they are hungry, cold and afraid, legs kept shaking, apparently in a state of “detachment”.Civilian police to rescue team is simple, the male peak rescuers immediately with ropes quickly climb to the top of the hill, collection station blue shield players also push up the steep hill with a rescue operation, after the fixed rope, everybody down step by step carefully, will carry the rescue equipment to the two people after fixation safely arrived at the foot of the mountain, success will be two people to rescue.Rescued Ms. Wang and Mr. Zhang after drinking a mouthful of hot water handed by the police, tightly holding the hands of the police and rescue team members, expressed heartfelt thanks.Police tips 1, before climbing the mountain to understand the mountain environment in advance, it is best to have a guide familiar with the route to lead the way, to prevent blind in the mountain;2. Prepare sufficient climbing equipment, food and drinking water;3, in the mountains should always pay attention to the weather changes, encounter bad weather should go back to the safety zone as soon as possible;4, to grasp the time of outdoor activities, the probability of distress increases at night;5, when climbing to concentrate, not patronize the scenery regardless of the foot, pay attention to safety.At the same time, we should pay attention to rest and avoid excessive fatigue.6, when in trouble should immediately stop moving forward, calm down quickly to the police for help.Source: Wuzhong Public Security Micro police