Bring together the powerful force of high-quality development!Gongming street held party history study education summary congress

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Read and create/Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Pan Wenting correspondent Peng Cuiling/article Yang Peng/Picture On the afternoon of January 25, Guangming District Gongming street held a party history learning and education summary meeting, seriously summed up the street party history learning and education experience, continue to consolidate, expand good party history learning and education results.Guangming District committee standing committee, deputy district chief, Gongming street Party working committee secretary Yao Gaoke attended the meeting and spoke.Yao Gao Ke pointed out that since the launch of party history learning education, Gongming Street closely around the requirements of “learning history to be rational, learning history to increase credibility, learning history to worship morality, learning history to practice”, focusing on the theme, closely follow the main line, take the lead in planning, careful deployment, continue to promote the party history learning education at a high starting point, high-quality promotion, high standards of implementation.We will hold special seminars, give good party lessons and special lectures, and give full play to the role of Dongbao Middle School’s Party history learning and education base to carry out a series of activities such as “veterans speak party history”, so as to sharpen party members’ political awareness and enhance their confidence in history.In the first “I does the practical work for the masses” practice scheme, complete 245 the people’s livelihood project, built in the first way to brigitte party-mass service station, comprehensive promotion “red collar house” the party lead the city property management community construction mode, speed up the implementation of the “red huashan” business circle group party construction innovation projects, promoting the development of basic party to for people “in depth.Deeply participate in the construction of world-class science city and North Center of Shenzhen, introduce high-quality enterprises such as Baolongda and Baoxinchuang, accelerate the secondary development of dasan area and Lisonglang interest pooling project, show a new atmosphere of party history study and education in catch-up running.Actively explore emerging areas such as express delivery, delivery mode “3 + 4 + N” party construction work, the establishment of the city’s first joint the league and one of the first party branch in the emerging field, “family of the mobile party members”, built in the first emerging areas such as express delivery, delivery oriented activities such as “warm” post position 25, support the healthy development of the new model of new forms,Let the study and education of party history go deep into the hearts of the people in close union with the masses.At the same time, combined with the local features, to carry out the history of the party “Taoism” walk MaoZhou river garden theme activities, east middle school education exhibition themed “the spark of light”, “good party history story Speech contest, inheritance gene “red red red, red music movie activity party lecture series features such as activities, carry forward the revolutionary culture, in the tradition and innovation combined with persist red gene.Yao stressed that the streets should continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education, integrate the study of Party history into daily life, focus on the regular, and take a good road to the new era.First, we need to highlight political improvement, strengthen political awareness, firmly support the “two principles” and “two principles”, and constantly improve our political judgment, understanding, and ability to implement politics.Second, we should strengthen our theoretical arm, be good at solving ideological puzzles and difficult problems in work under the guidance of the Party’s innovative theories, and promote our ability to improve and implement our work with clear theory and improved thinking.Third, we will continue to serve the people, continue to deepen the practice of “doing practical things for the people”, plan and implement a number of projects to improve people’s wellbeing, focus on increasing the supply of quality educational and medical resources and modern cultural and sports facilities, and constantly improve the long-term mechanism for serving the people.Fourth, we need to continue to promote self-reform, promote thorough and concrete efforts to comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, deepen efforts to improve Party conduct, uphold integrity, and fight corruption, and strive to foster a clean and healthy political environment.Fifth, we must carry forward the spirit of struggle, enhance the ability to prevent and defuse major risks, and create a harmonious and stable social environment for the high-quality development of gongming.”Hai street to temper the pursuit of excellence” spirit “and the sheer bear spirit, go all out to speed up the modernization of hai city center planning and construction, efforts to hai into science core device cluster area, production and coordination conversion fusion area, extraordinarily complex dynamic metropolitan area, to light the accelerate the greater bay area comprehensive national center for science in the first start hai power construction.”Yao Gaoke said.Review: Yu Fanghua, Sun Zhengdong